Surfer Attacked On South Padre Island

Freddy Torres of Brownsville, TX was surfing just 50 feet from the shore at Isla Blanca Park on Saturday when he felt something tearing through the skin on his ankle. He now has two rows of teeth marks on his left leg. Freddy says he’ll be right back out there as soon as his foot heals. You might wanna rethink that one, Freddy.


7 thoughts on “Surfer Attacked On South Padre Island

  1. Mary A

    OMG I live in the Valley and nothing happens over here! In fact the waves usually suck at SPI, but it’s been raining alot lately, so they’re probably surfable.

  2. r olivas

    i ve seen 11 ft. black tip sharks followed by a 10 ft. female in southbay in less than 3 1/2ft. of water, i called people to warn wadefishermen , kayakers, and what not…nothing was done we have no true safety net out there

  3. maria narcissa

    what i want to know is if anyone of our valley hardcore fisherman, diehard shark hunters are at all bothered that a shark attacked one of our own in our own backyard and if someone with marbles intends to do something about it?


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