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R. I. P. Swish

For nearly two decades, Swish the fish patrolled his front-window aquarium at a Chinatown restaurant, munching carrot sticks, greeting regular customers, getting a friendly head rub from the guys who kept his tank clean. Until the day his tank at Kau Kau BBQ & Seafood Restaurant sprang a leak and employees arrived one morning in August to find the restaurant flooded and Swish, in his nearly depleted tank, alive but on his side. The staff at Clayton Aquariums, which maintains fish tanks, had known Swish for most of his life. They nursed him for 11 days, but he died Aug. 15.


5 Comments on “R. I. P. Swish”

  1. That’s a bummer way to lose a good fish.

    RIP Swish.

  2. bummer.

  3. Motion in da Ocean

    Damnit poor fish!! But how did he taste?

  4. Google is the best search engine

  5. waz

    Swish was a Pacu, not only a fish….

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