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Zac and Bethany Sittin’ in a Tree…

Bethany Hamilton paid a visit to fellow shark attack victim, Zac Golebiowski as he limped back on to the beach for the first time since his attack. Zac lost his right leg and a chunk of his left calf to a shark on December 2. Zac and Bethany talked about surfing, sharks and losing limbs.



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11 Responses to “Zac and Bethany Sittin’ in a Tree…”

  1. 1Brenda Love

    A match made in heaven?

    Also, can you imagine how hard it must be to travel beach sand with crutches?

  2. 2miley cyrus

    hi yall they soo cute together and they both have stiff in comon,love sirfing, lost body part,…….sooo cute

  3. 3megnboo

    thats just a little wierd to me…i dont really know why. thanks to kevin smith on SModcast by the way for bringing it to my knowledge this website exists.

  4. 4Kennedy Rufener

    They’re a perfect couple!!! They would have sooo much to talk about!

  5. 5Xxlil miSS sunshInexX

    WhOA !!! mAtcH mAYd in HEAVEN!!!!!!!! LOVERS AND FRIENDS!!


  6. 6london tipton

    aww they r the cutst tings i hav seen in a wile besides myself. yay them!

  7. 7Galthoria

    Bathany Hamilton is my idol so im happy for them and yes the r a match made in heavan. has anybody read her books??? they r good. sharks r my fav animal adn i am happy bethany is not one of those people who are moody and hate life when they get attacked. i had part of my right arm bit off by a shark so i kno how it feels.

  8. 8Taylor

    aww bethany yall look so cute together if ya aint than you should totally go out

  9. 9ashley

    they are a perfect match!
    they were meant for



  10. 10Daria


  11. 11Jordan

    I don’t think they should be boyfriend and girlfriend bc she is a Christian and like she said, “True love waits”

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