The World’s Most Shark-Infested Beaches

shark-beaches-03-g.jpgPlanning a vacation? You might wanna cross these places off your list.

Kosi Bay, South Africa: Zambezi sharks
“Shark Alley,” Gansbaai, South Africa: Great white sharks
Brisbane, Australia: Great whites, bulls, et al
Bolinas Beach, Northern California: Great whites
New Smyrna Beach, Florida: Blacktip and spinner sharks
Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa: Great white and bull sharks
North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii: Galapagos sharks, sandbar sharks, tigers
Recife, Brazil
Kahana, West Maui, Hawaii
West End, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas: Tiger Sharks


Kosi Bay, South Africa: Zambezi sharks
Located in KwaZulu Natal, bordering Mozambique in a dramatically beautiful, unspoiled corner of South African paradise, Kosi Bay is a series of four lakes that eventually connects to the warm Indian Ocean through an estuary abundant in flora and fauna. Zambezi sharks (the South African name for famously aggressive Bull sharks) are known for making forays in search of food deep into freshwater lakes and rivers, and this is certainly evident in the fish-rich waters of Kosi Bay.

“Shark Alley,” Gansbaai, South Africa: Great white sharks
“Shark Alley” is a narrow channel between two small islands off the coast of Gansbaai, a charming fishing village and holiday destination east of Cape Town. It is also home to one of the densest populations of great whites in the world—and so if you’re keen to cage dive with this much-maligned and misunderstood beauty of the deep, here’s a good place to do it.

Brisbane, Australia: Great whites, bulls, et al
Australia’s coastal waters are filled with sharks of all kinds, but if you’re traveling Down Under there are a few things you should know. While the highest number of attacks occur on the east coast (in areas of densest population) most fatal attacks occur in the colder southern waters—home of more seals and more great whites (locally known as pointers). A quick scan of shark-related news items over the years will include stories from cities such as Adelaide, Sydney and even Perth on the west coast. And yet the wisdom seems to be that no beach is entirely safe. We decided to put beautiful Brisbane on our list because of a recent local news headline: “Shark mauls horse in Brisbane River.” Enough said.

Bolinas Beach, Northern California: Great whites
This tiny enclave, just north of San Francisco in western Marin County, is notorious for its bohemian ways and its desire to keep the rest of the world at bay (apparently townsfolk frequently remove the turn-off sign on Route One). But that doesn’t keep the sharks away. Like its neighbors Stinson Beach and the Point Reyes Seashore (including the mouth of Tomales Bay), Bolinas is located smack dab in the middle of the Red Triangle (a region marked by its high density of great white sharks). And so it appears on our list as one of the coolest shark spots to put your toes in the water.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida: Blacktip and spinner sharks
What do you get when you mix lovely sub-tropical weather with gorgeous white-sand beaches in a charming central-coastal Florida town that offers everything from shopping to outdoor sports and recreation to history and nightlife? Correct: lots of tourists. And what do you get when you mix tourists with sharks—some of which, young blacktips and spinners in particular, can’t always tell the difference between a human and a fish? Correct again: “Shark attack capital of the world.” A dubious honor.

Umhlanga Rocks, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa: Great white and bull sharks
Swimming at Umhlanga Rocks—a popular beach resort on the KwaZulu Natal coast just north of famously sharky Durban, South Africa—is perfectly safe. All the guides will tell you so. The guides might or might not mention why: nets. Umhlanga Rocks was one of the first shark-infested spots to benefit from protective nets in the 1960s, and to this day serious attacks have been dramatically reduced. However, recent reports, including a National Geographic story, reveal that the Natal Sharks Board (the organization that oversees the nets) is rethinking its policy. The underwater barriers do keep out great whites, bulls, and tiger sharks—but they are indiscriminate, killing a number of harmless creatures, too, including dolphins, rays and turtles.

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii: Galapagos sharks, sandbar sharks, tigers
According to the ISAF, Oahu boasts the second-highest number of confirmed, unprovoked shark attacks recorded in the Hawaiian island chain since 1882. If Oahu’s infamous North Shore waves aren’t enough to make you think twice before entering the water—can you say Bonsai Pipeline?—here’s something that might. Just three miles north (a 15-minute boat ride) the shark presence is so consistent that at least one “shark encounter” tour guide won’t ask you to pay if you don’t see any of the beautiful creatures. Tiger sharks are typically rare on these tours, but in 2005 one guide did spend a few hair-raising and thrilling minutes swimming (cage free!) with none other than a great white. Yes, there’s video to prove it.

Recife, Brazil
Sharks favors reefs and so do surfers—one for the waves, the other for the fish. Recife, a lovely beach town on Brazil’s northeast coast, boasts a coral reef that attracts copious numbers of sharks that come to feed in the area. Which is why, according to the ISAF’s regional map of “confirmed unprovoked shark attacks” (covering 1931–2006), the state of Pemambuco (where Recife is located) boasts the highest number of shark attacks by far for all of South America. And why, when you visit the balmy beachside paradise, the locals will tell you to stay close to shore. Very close.

Kahana, West Maui, Hawaii
According to the International Shark Attack File, since 1882 there have been just over 100 reports of unprovoked attacks in the entire Hawaiian island chain (the most, 34, occurring off of Maui). When you compare this to population size (roughly 1.2 million) and the many millions of annual tourists, that total of 100 is happily low. However, Hawaii is home to about 40 different shark species, including the occasionally aggressive tiger shark, and so incidents (including fatalities) do occur. In early May of this year, a swimmer was bitten on the foot by an 18-foot-long tiger shark in about 14 feet of water off of a south Maui beach. The last recorded fatal encounter occurred in 2004 off of Kahana, on Maui’s west coast, which is why this spot makes our list.

West End, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas: Tiger Sharks
Stories of shark attacks in the Bahamas and Caribbean are as old as the region’s tales of piracy, walking the plank, and buried treasure. Along with neighboring Gulf of Mexico and the coast of Florida, the region is replete with sharks of all types, including blacktips, hammerheads, and bull sharks. According to the ISAF, Grand Bahama Island has seen only 4 unprovoked attacks since 1749 (none fatal), but that’s still more than all others in the Bahamas. And besides, West End on Grand Bahama is home to what experienced divers call “Tiger Beach”—a spot 20 miles off this coastline that “a lot of very big sharks call home.” Frankly, any beach destination hosting such a density of tiger sharks that cage diving companies are able to advertise “the biggest of the Bahamas sharks in the shortest amount of time” should be on a list like ours. We’re sure you agree.


146 thoughts on “The World’s Most Shark-Infested Beaches

  1. Emile

    Oh puhleeease. The waters off Brisbane aren’t dangerous at all. I’ve been swimming in them for 17 years, and I’m still here to post this.

    Plus, I think you have your geography wrong. Brisbane is no-where near where these sharks tend to be (which is about a thousand kilometres northward).

  2. Nat

    “A quick scan of shark-related news items over the years will include stories from cities such as Adelaide, Sydney and even Perth on the west coast.”

    what weak -ass research is this..?

    i live in Perth Western Australia and we have more shark attacks than the rest of the Australia combined, worlds most shark infested beaches..? try Esperance, WA ..more 12ft + Great Whites exist in that part of the country than pretty much anywhere, with the exception of Sth Africa’s “ring of death”

  3. Will Noble

    I’ve been diving with sharks many times. My experience is they are powerful yet cautious creatures. posting such as these are nothing more then fear mongering.

    Like TV, fear sells and discover channel takes full advantage of that to get viewers. We should be protecting the shark and helping conserve their existence. . without them there is no us.

  4. andy greig

    I completely disagree with Brisbane, Australia. There have been no reported shark attacks on humans in my recent memory.
    Try Adelaide or Perth

  5. dan

    Anyone for shark fin soup? Just kidding. I just got back from Hawaii where I was hoping to see a shark or a whale or even a dolphin but was left with nothing but great weather and beautifull beaches. Maybe next time.

  6. dave

    hawaii rules…don’t let the scary stories turn you away from getting in its pristine, luxuriant waters….surfing, snorkeling, you name it…hawaii is the best.

  7. Jaz

    I agree entirely with Will, this is nothing more than fear mongering. Having also been diving with a few different species of sharks they are not the creatures popular media portrays them to be. They are inquisitive, graceful and amazing creatures and we should be trying to protect them from us, not the other way around.

  8. Keith

    Thinking of sharks reminds me of the films Jaws I, II and III. I won’t take the risk to visit any of these beaches that has even the slightest potential of shark lurking around the vicinity.

    Hmm, but shark fins’ do taste nice….

  9. Kettels

    This is pretty damn stupid, for Australia, they have brisbane. Starters brisbane the city itself has pretty much no beaches, its places like surfers paradise where the beaches are which aren’t actually part of brisbane. And secondly they are no where near the most dangerous beach/es in the world, i cant even recall a shark attack there, In the river running through brisbane there are bull sharks. And secondly great whites swim of some of the coastal areas of south australia and are much more dangerous, and many beaches in Western australia have more shark attacks then any where else in australia. This website sucks, fire the guy that did this and get your facts right

  10. Paul

    Don’t belive this.
    Totally poorly researched, misconstrued information.

    Hawaii gets 2 of the “most shark infested beaches”???
    …more than 1 MILLION people go in Hawaii’s waters each year, and there is an average of 1 attack every 2-4 years.
    Wow… real dangerous…

    What shark attacks more people each year than ALL others (combined) …?

    The bull shark (aka Zambezei and lake nicaragua shark…)
    …look it up… go ahead… because they are mindless killers?
    No, because they live in the Atlantic Tropics, where Billions of people are in shallow murky waters each year (usually doing things like washing their clothes and netting fish)and because they can survive in fresh water. And they eat schools of small fish from murky waters, which sound just like natives washing their clothes or children playing in the surf… Coincidently they also frequent the U.S. southeast coastlines…

  11. Chris

    I surf Cape Town surrounds regularly, including Muizenberg beach, right next to Gansbay, really not as bad as the above make it out to be. Also in Umhlanga Rocks every year for a few weeks, it’s all good to surf/swim there, more that Cape Town even.
    Hey, after all it’s Africa, being eaten by a shark is a whole lot more romantic that being hijacked for your car or shot for a few bucks. TIA!! (This is Africa!)

  12. Katie

    Actually I was just reading the Queensland Museum’s “Wildlife of Greater Brisbane” and there estimate 1000-3000 Bull Sharks (one of three world’s most dangerous, by number of attacks) in the Brisbane River. (Wiki says 500, but I know who I believe.) College’s Crossing has been notorious for Bull Shark sitings for years.

    The sharks are mostly younger but canal estates are opening up, the river’s getting cleaner, and the Museum expects attack numbers to rise.

    But yeah, not many beaches for swimming, and as Jack said, the River’s not exactly inviting just yet. There have been attacks, but the most recent was ’94. If you want bites, try the Gold Coast Canals.

  13. Brian

    I find it sad that such a badly researched article with potential negative impact on the shark population has been published. Sharks are nowhere nearly as dangerous as they are being portrayed here. They are however on a short list of creatures near extinction. Who are really the mindless killers? It’s certainly not the sharks.

  14. Bob

    There certainly are beaches in Brisbane – head down to Nudgee. I also recall a police officer being awarded a bravery medal for rescuing a pregnant women and her daughter from drowning in the Brisbane river just down from an abattoir in Ipswich where the waters were said to be “infested” with bull sharks.

  15. mark b

    -Brisbane, Australia: Great whites, bulls, et al ??????
    i used to live there, we don’t even have a beach, sure there is a river there, but i’ve never seen a shark in it, & besides you’d be insane to want 2 swim in there ’cause its so polluted…

  16. Fungyo

    Haha, Brisbane, there is a beach, it’s man made at Southbank but is in no way connected to the ocean. Someone would need to put a shark in there but since it’s just a swimming pool with sand and clear water, the shark would be sited straight away and removed.
    What a joke!!!

  17. Lydia

    Wow! It’s scary. I surf at Stinson Beach (near Bolinas) every year and have been doing so faor the past seven years, and have never seen a shark, but it really puts into perspective how dangerous the ocean is.

  18. callum

    i agree with all the shark lovers i live in tasmania south of australia and we allways see sharks when we are fishing. when we first saw them we were scared but now we have name for them. we recognise them by there fin markings. thewy never try to hert us they are just protecting there young or habita

  19. Flávio Amaral

    I live in Recife and YES, it’s true that swimming on the beaches around here can be very dangerous. There are reported attacks to people having water on the level of the armpits only. All attacks ocurred beyond the reefs (Recife is the Portuguese name for “reef”), aligned for dozens of miles along the coast . However, I have to say that the problems related to sharks aren’t exclusively because we live use to swimm in the area they “come to feed”. Actually, the biologists of the Federal University of Pernambuco has already proven that the increasing number of shark attacks are the consequence of both pollution of local rivers (wich give the beach waters the moisture of organic trash that would atract the fishes) and the changing of oceanic streams due the building of a harbour about 60 km far from Recife, modifying the feed habits of the sharks due the decrease of the population of small fishes. Untill all the mess – if it’s possible – is fixed, do not swimm beyond the reefs.

  20. Dianne Felix

    If your afraid don’t go in the Ocean, and think of this imagine how stinky the Ocean would be without sharks keeping it clean.

  21. Matt-Ass

    i swim and ski in “De Oude Maas” and there are bulls and white tips sigted once in a while.
    once they tried to bite my ski (still have the marks to prove it). De “Pijpgup” olso often seen in “De Oude Maas” Furthermore the Netherlands are pretty safe.

  22. Kieran

    Seriously there are like no beaches in brisbane. do not swim in the river there but i think they are talking about stradbroke island, there are a few sharks there. but travel 45 mins away and u get to the gold coast where i live and i have never seen a shark in the 15 years i hav lived here. i have surfed for them as well, there are more dolphins than sharks, there r sharks in the canal and river systems on the gold coast, i should say alot but not at the beaches,

  23. Sharks don't scare me

    Sharks ain’t shit. Once a great white grabbed a hold of me and took me under. I bit back and punched it in the face. Showed it who’s boss, you know? Then I caught a sweet wave, and on the way in I passed another. I jumped off my board and kicked it’s great white lily ass. Sharks don’t mess with me.

    Maybe you guys.

  24. Lacey

    There are many GW shark attacks in South Australia… Port Lincoln, on the Eyre Peninsula of Sth Aust. is the officially recognised home of the Great White, a few miles offshore are the Neptune Islands, massive seal colony and main feeding grounds for GW’s. Cage dives have been operating out of Lincoln for years, so why not try and learn about them and dive with them – then you’ll know all about respect for these magnificent animals.
    Jaws and Blue Water, White Death were both filmed in Port Lincoln… especially the shark scenes from Jaws! I’ve grown up in Lincoln and us locals are used to seeing great whites in the bay.

  25. Adam

    Oh man!!! New Smyrna Beach, shark attack capital of the world.. Sadly that is where I learned to surf when I was 7.. And now I feel pretty lucky I guess, cause I was way out I don’t have any fears of sharks.. I live in St. Pete FL, I go divin all the time, and only like 3 months ago they caught like a 11ft great hammerhead shark..

  26. emily

    sharks are dumb i hate them a bull shark bit me once thats why i don’t have a foot . it hurt like hell. i’m going to go this weekend but im not going that far . i have a ROBOT leg now


    Sharks act by instinct.. if u don’t like them then don’t intrude into their territories =))
    and I have also heard that the most sensible part of a shark is its nose.. so in case you’re the prey try to hit it reaal good:D

  28. chloe

    i agree wif dat amy chick and dat otha I LUV SHARKS gurl sharks r heeeeps kool but pretii scarii i luv the movie “JAWS” but it is kinda grose u no!!!! but i ummm…………… dont hav anythin else 2 say hahahaha =o )

  29. zac

    come on its not that dangerous ive seen sharks b4 i mean seriously ive been bite by a shark b4 (seriously)not kidding so what if i almost died it was great i was surfing and it bit me not major damage but it was cool sharks r like house pets 2 me but they live in water no difference sharks r cool!!!!!if u dont like sharks ur weird!!!!!!

  30. zac

    sharks r like my friends they wouldnt hurt me well they did but now they wont they already did but they kno who i am now like i go swim with them everyday it doesnt bother me i scuba dive with them all the time i feed them i have a baby 1 as a pet no big deal sharks r rly rly rly rly cool idc what u ppl think!!!!!!!!

  31. zac

    when i got bite by 1 it was the great white theat thing was like 21ft i swear it was sooooo cool!!!!i had 34 staples cuz of it and a huge cut down my back cuz thats where it got me but idc they r still cool i went 2 go swim with them 2day and im going again 2night at 12:00am wish me luck so i dont die but i wont they kno who their real owner is!!!!meeee!!!!!!!

  32. zac

    im writing a lot so i can convince u ppl 2 like sharks i mean u hate them if u do what did they do 2 u.i got bit by 1 and i still respect them they r no big deal 2 me im like shark boy always hanging out with sharks

  33. zac

    i love surfing and its not gonna stop me the mostly deadliest shark in the world could come near me and i wouldnt be afraid cuz i love sharks and if u do 2 join the club.well peace im gonna go swim with teh sharks………seriously im not kidding if i was let me die right now but plz trust me not lieing peace!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. zac

    well im back from swimmng with the sharks once i got in2 the water they all came 2 me cuz i had food!well im going again 2day idk what time i havea party 2 go 2 but ill go swim 1st and then ill go 2 the party and ill go on christmas so ha im brave while all u ppl out there r scared yea thats right scared of a harmless shark what did they ever do 2 u nothing they bit me and they but me hard idc u dont c me crying i didnt cry when it happened what do i kno i was out of it i was all loopy but when i woke up i knew what happened i saw the cuts all over me body i was cool that was awesome lets do it again yippi!!!!!i got bite several times by sharks i remember it like it was yesterday well it was yesterday one baby 1 bit me didnt hurt barely left a mark.the 1st time i was bite i was 11 cuz i was surfing in the water and the next time i got bit i was 13 going on 14 and then the 3rd time i got bit i was 15 then i was 16 so i got bit 4 times and im still alive but ill tell u i might die 2morrow cuz im going where all the sharks r going usually in the winter they head somewhere else not like birds they r still in the water but they go deeper out then usual and im going all the way out where the great whites will be at cuz they r my family then nexy year im going 2 the state with the most sharks in the world and going swimming with them well im going 2 the ocean now peace!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Amy

    I think that this research is useless as long as you pay attention to the notices on the beaches you’ll be fine. Sharks don’t intentionally hunt humans and most attacks are cases of mistaken identity. like a few of the others have said that this post was made to envoke fear on all of us who swim in the ocean. I honestly would love to see sharks up close ( in the safty of a cage just so no mishaps happen ) They are powerful and beautiful and deserve our respect.

  36. zac

    hannah no i dont need a breath im fine.sharks r fine they r cool.hannah y dont u like take a breath and chill out oh yea thats right.well i swam with the sharks everyday seriously everyday of the week i have a new cut lol it doesnt hurts.going 2 swim with the sharks again bye.

  37. Lulu

    I live in New Smyrna Beach and the reason why it’s considered the Shark Capital Attack of the World is because not matter how little the bite is, it gets reported. That being said, last summer (2007) a boy got bitten in shallow waters and had to get 16 stitches, our waters are murky so most our our shark bites are mistaken identity cases and no life threatening cases.

  38. Phil

    What about the Phillipines??? LOTS of shark, saw no commentary so was curious as to why that region was not mentioned. Lived in Recife Brasil at one time and not only were there shark but copious quantities of Barracuda which can also be nasty.

  39. casey

    sharks need to be respected as the great animals that they are. they have the ability to kill and they will if provoked so just use some common sense and if there is a shark sighting, don’t swim. DUH! and also, whoever did the research for this article needs to post more beaches around the world, not necessarily the beaches with the most shark attacks, but the ones that sharks are spotted in the most. we need to educate people, not scare them.

  40. casey

    and also, a couple of words for zac, you’re crazy! if you’ve supposedly been bitten so many times, then why are you still swimming with them? and while i’ll admit that you are brave for going back in the water with them, please don’t bring food with you because that will make the sharks associate people with food which is only making the waters more dangerous for people who have no intention of swimming with them. sharks have no problem finding their own food. so by all means continue swimming with them, just don’t feed them please.thanks.

  41. Wesley McRoberts

    Close Call…. Some stranger saved my foot and leg
    at Flagler Beach, Florida close to (New Smyrna)

    I was paddling in from the outside of the pier today… I had paddled within 10 ft of the beach when I got off my board to walk the rest the way in… The water was only 4 ft deep soo no biggie.. When three dudes on the pier start yelling at me… Sooo instantly Im thinking ok im in someones line or im too close too the pier…. I get back on my board and start paddling to the south… I then realize what they are saying… Sharks!!!!! They were about( 7) 3ft blacktips all around me… I hit a wave to the beach… The water was so clear and I didnt see them till I was almost on top of them… It was freaking crazy!!! Usaully I hate on fisherman but today I will thank those three guys very very very very much!!!! I appreciate still having my legs and feet!!!!



  42. rob (australia)

    you are a jackass, you don’t knowwhat the hell you are talking about. there are more people killed by coconut then sharks,check your facts before you write stuff like this.

  43. stringer

    it’s their turf,and some places more then others are shark territory that needs to b respected as shark territory, so swim,surf,dive at your own risk definitly.
    and i have to agree with rob you’ll have more chance getting killed by a droppin’ coconut than a shark nibbling at yo’ ass

  44. vickie

    Hey Listen up, I live up in the North East Ms,the Tenn-Tom waterway was built in the early 70’s,this waterway goes right up the middle of MS somehow ????there was shark teeth found while building this waterway How<and Where???? this is a true fact can anyone teel me and we do have aligators in that rive ….Great place to water ski miles and miles of white rocks—-no barges!!!!!!!!

  45. Gabalooo

    Gosh everybody is like mad at this website and dont care…i surf alot so wht is up with all these sharks that this website is just given u a heads up before you loose ur head…

  46. tim

    Two weeks ago I was swiming with my brother and and he said i am going back to the boat I said okey and all of a sudden a bull shark fin just bolted and i yelled for help and my brother was like what I was like doded shark HELP!!! And he was like swim in circles and I was like okey so I did it and it was so cool I conphesed the shark so I swam at super fast speed to the boat and I was like out of breath and my brothers wife was like are you okey and all i said was that was so COOL and she was like not meany shark attacks are in savannah so now I swim with my girlfriend

  47. lisa

    I was surfing on day and all the sufers where geting out of the water so I stoped and a huge fin was two feet away from me and I was like bull shark but it gat me and my bored it gat my leg so I HAT SHAKES

  48. striper sexxxys

    one night after i striped in a night club me and my boy friend went swimming at 3 in the morning and a great white shark attacked us frist him and it bit his leg but not of and then the shark gate me and my foot so now after i strip at night i dont go swimming just in the morning

  49. Jun

    you got your calculations done wrongly, i swam through there lots of time, there is no sharks for goodness’s sake, please get your facts clear before you scare people of your imaginary sharks.>LOL

  50. Barry B

    hahaha, I’m from brisbane, so it’s good to see we’re on the list! Not sure about great whites, but bull sharks are definitely a problem here, especially in canals and rivers, although it isn’t a well known fact. Luckily most people only swim in pools here!

  51. Luca

    the reality is that the sea needs sharks, sharks eat lots of sick fish. people kill 100 milion sharks A YEAR. Let’s give them a break!!! The sea will die without them. website like this, giving out wrong informations and scarrying people are made by those without any cloue of what life is.

  52. lico

    I HATE SHARKS… one time i went to a canal at 9:00pm at night and i stuk a chunk of meat in a plastic bak and pokked holes in it……and i waited 4 a shark to come and no shark came!!! here in queensland i’v never seen a shark before,never.w8 unless u enclude seeworld.(:

    ok thats a nough!!!!!!

  53. bruce

    i think ppl brisbane should wake up and read the paper i fish the brisbane river and around there and catch shark all the time small to big most bull but there r alot of them last year 7 footer bull landed in a comp in brisbane and the news to night saying they r on the incress as there r not alot of bait fish around swim in there no to dirty fish for shark i do but i tag and release then to

  54. Luecrecia ( America and covering Seas)

    Hey, i am Lucrecia.
    My job is a marine Biologist and i tend to work mainly with sharks.
    Although you may think sharks are not in the water you are swimming Trust me they are . Sharks are becoming more Intellagint every day.
    You all have the wrong idea about sharks they can acctully be quite loving and loyal, they can tell when you are scared. Sharks often get confussed with there food. Thank you for Reading and PLEASE DO NOT UNDER-ESTIAMATE SHARKS.

  55. Aleka M ( Former College of Lucrecia V)

    I live in Australia.
    i have been biting by a grate white shark and yes it was sore but at least i am still in one piece.
    Unluckiley my best friend Natalka wasn’t able to get out of the water in time :( she was ripped apart and i miss her very much. This site has really helped me and Natalka’s family since it is letting others now the dangeors of the waters.
    Just because you don’t get attaked or see them doesnt mean they are not there ,….. i SHOULD know .

  56. Jay

    Great Whites are beautiful creatures and without them south africa will lose alot in the business industry, seeing they are one of our amazing tourist attractions. Even though known to be aggresive and has a reputation for the most human killings in the world, which just makes people fear them instead of accept them, They only attack human because they mistake us for seals, which is thier most common prey. Sharks are becoming more and more endangered due to the shark fin indusrty, which i find highly disguisting, and sea protections (ie. nets, which prevent sharks entering) which kill them aswel as other amazing sea creatures, such as dolphins. I don’t want future generations having to look at pictures on the internet of what sharks looked like instead of seeing them alive and well in the oceans, so I say we put a stop to shark poatching and shark fin ‘fishers’, where they capture sharks, cut off their fins and put them back in the water alive where they then drown, this is complety inhumane and CRUEL! Stop it before its too late… people get the wrong ideas about sharks with films such as jaws but even steven spielberg says that he got the sharks nature wrong and there is no need to fear them. Open your ees and see how beautiful and magnificent they are before they are gone…

  57. elliot

    i cant believe you’ve put brisbane in there! there hasnt been an attack in brisbane in decades! in january this year australia had 3 severe attacks in 24 hours on the east coast, and from mid february there was another three near fatal attacks in 3 weeks!! also how are there no WA beaches in there??? some of the most shark infested waters in the world are in WA…

  58. bcdale

    it has to be utter ignorance to actually believe that all shark attacks on humans is a case of mistaken identity.. some are out right attacks against the slower and vulnerable man/prey

  59. jack

    i saw 2 sharks when i was fishing off the heads in Sydney we drove up to it in the boat and it shat itself. LOL

  60. steff

    wow ppl calm down..ok bit ov wrong info but so wot, theres bullshit everyweher on the internet and am sik of ppl saying ‘sharks only attack cos of mistaken identity’ i dnt care the reason for it. they can kill end of. i usually stay out of the water…but i love sharks beautiful creatures!

  61. why do you care

    hey if you relly look at sharks theyre frendly if you surfers dont look like seals maybe they wont eat you

  62. Abbie Britain

    Well i think will and any more of you people who think sharks are wonderful creatures are nuts. They kill people!!!… Fair enough they may be wonderful behind a cage but when they swallow little kids whole yeah they are so sweet. I’m from britain and yeh we dont see many sharks but i still wouldnt like to come across one… And for your information will humans will still survive long after sharks are gone i know i a human biologist.

  63. David

    I lived in Hawaii for years and spent LOTS of time on the north shore, freediving, surfing and scuba. Saw plenty of sharks, but they never bothered me.
    Now living on east coast USA and surfing a lot more, and again seeing lots of sharks all the time, way more than I saw in HI, but they’ve left me alone so far.
    If I do get bit? Well it would be my fault wouldn’t it? It’s not the shark’s fault he’s doing what years of evolution have taught him to do in his own territory. I mean, if they come to my house I might bite them, but chances are it’ll be the other way around.
    If you just think about the statistics, you’re relatively safe.

  64. fay

    whats safe dont go to water that is shark infested. why will u go and swim if u know there is a shrak. think many times b4 u swim on those beaches.

  65. mrniceguy

    What are the odds that every illiterate, non-spelling, non-punctuating asshole in the universe would find this site and post a comment?

    My mental age just regressed a decade reading most of your comments. If you were even partially human, you would be ashamed. Now all of you toddle off and drag your knuckles around. Leave the thinking to people who are capable of it.

  66. Olivia

    Well…. I never heard of any sharks in the Philippines; only those about SHARK mayors, congressmen, senators, and SHARK loans… They would rip you apart, and tore you into pieces for having to pay taxes with no government services.

    You’re lucky if you won’t be bitten here, some local hospitals here don’t even have cotton balls….

    So beware…..

  67. skins

    There are huge amounts of shark attacks in brisbane. Last weekend 3 men and a child were taken by Great Whites in Redcliffe. They were swimming at dusk as I sat on the pier. Next thing I know, gone, leaving a huge pool of blood and a floating torso. The bugger came back 30 seconds later and gobbled that down too! Good times.

  68. skins

    Snake attacks too. Massive pythons will literally hunt you down and sink their fangs into you. Luckily they are not venemous. In saying that, spiders will kill you. And the spiders over here hunt in packs. And they carry weaponsn like small axes covered in a special acid that burns you. Eight legs, eight acid covered axes. Good times.

  69. joni

    i was swimming in newzealand cornwallis beach
    iwas 20metres from shore i heard a splash i stopped swiming looked around nothing then i started swimming i looked beneath me oh my god this mako shark swam underme i looked to see were he went i looked up and a massive fin and a big head came at me 10metres off i swam like mad towards shore it followed me to the beach and beach itself i pulled up the beach with help of some fisherman who were watching it wasnt a mako but a juvinile great white shark that was the luckiest day of my life

  70. Woz

    This website is rediculous. Very poorly researched, all the info was gathered by some moron after watching Shark Week on DSC. Here are 2 facts you should know about sharks. 1.)They occupy and inhabit every coastal water beach known to man. They may not be man eaters. They may not be over 4-5 ft., but they are there. I don’t care if you are on S. Padre Island in Texas or Cape Cod in Mass, there are sharks. Your only concern in the U.S. should be the Bull Shark, they inhabit the Southern Atlantic sea shore and the Gulf of Mexico. They are man eaters, but will generally not kill their prey, just take an arm or leg. There are more shark attacks in Florida than any other region in the world. I would think that 90% are Bull sharks and a majority did not result in death. Whenever you swim in salt water you need to know that you are at risk. Coming from someone who used to regularly wade fish the inshore bays of Texas (where you frequently encounter sharks) the ocean/bay is a fun place, but you must always be careful.

  71. Alialbabe

    Dude seriously stop scaring people and…
    YES get your facts straight. Brisbane doesn’t have much and that includes a beach. WA has lot of shark sightings and you didn’t even mention any of it!!!
    And ummm how did a horse and a shark end up in the brisbane river anyway?????
    Anyway, everything has its risks right, don’t scare people with your pathetic website.
    If you don’t like sharks, then stick to this philosophy, ”Sharks don’t come in the pub, so I don’t go in the ocean”.

  72. bbbbbbbbbbbbb


  73. jenna

    hahaha brisbane a shark zone thats funny, more like western australia is the big shark zone, i live on sunny coast and there’s never been stories about sharks in bris except there rivers which no1 swims in, plus brissy mainly has man made beaches lol.

  74. random surfer

    i live in florida except miami i go to smy rna beach sometimes there me and my cousin saw 10 feet away a blacktip shark and i was near the shore the shark was about 5 feet i didnt know it could get soo close too shore

  75. Sujan

    it all boils down to one point….u cant tame a shark….nor will a surfer or a beach lover would want to be confined…and there is never s a shortage of these activist.. wanting u to believe these monsters r ur friend……wish some one invests in those safety nets …everyone is HAPPY!!

  76. Lauren Joy

    NSB local here, yes it is the shark attack capital of the world but you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark….oh good thing Daytona Beach, Fl which is about 15 minutes away is the lightning capital of Florida :)

  77. Crista

    Well, guys dont be idiots!! there are shark’s every were. apart from the red sea cause its to salty and the anlantic cause its to frickin cold cause there body’s can not handle it, sharks are territorial so they will attack if you come in to there terrtorie. In Brisbane(my home town) there has not been much shark attacks provoked here. && if none of yous know this you need a better education im 13 and only going to tell you this.

  78. Angel

    I agree I do not approve of shark fin fishing it is wrong and I will admit I am scared to death of sharks but to torture them is wrong

  79. Danny

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  81. Kristen

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    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, very good blog!

  82. Expert village is a terrorist

    R u a terrorist expert village? U want to nuke one of the most amazing places in the world because it has some of the most amazing creatures in the world i beg you’ve never even seen a shark before


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