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Shark Caught in Russian River!

A 7 ft shark was caught in the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia. This is the first time a shark has ever been found anywhere near St. Petersburg or even in North-West Russia.

russian2.jpg russian3.jpg russian4.jpg russian6.jpg russian7.jpg russian8.jpg russian9.jpg russian10.jpg russian5.jpg


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8 Responses to “Shark Caught in Russian River!”

  1. 1Luke

    Would that be another Bull Shark?

  2. 2Shark B8

    what happened to its teeth??

  3. 3Ratboy

    Looks like a nurse shark.

  4. 4Ratboy

    Maybe some sort of mutant Chernobyl shark.

  5. 5yoshro

    its a bull shark. no doubt at all. unless russian rivers are slatwater.

  6. 6Dennis

    This must be a joke.
    There are no sharks in the baltik sea, and St Pete is just there. Must be a dead one from an aquarium or the like, but this one is never never ever been fished in St. Petersburg, Russia.
    Those sharks never occur more north than the southernmost point of Europe. And St Pete is 2000 miles north and away from this spot.

  7. 7$h@rk$

    are there known to be sharks in lakes?

  8. 8Vittor

    it’s a greenland shark………… dah, pretty much the only shark in the baltic?

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