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Holy Hello! Five-ton Blue Shark Captured in China at Swim At Your Own Risk

Holy Hello! Five-ton Blue Shark Captured in China

A giant blue shark was captured by a fisherman in east China’s Jiangsu Province on May 23. The shark was 33 ft long and 5 ft wide and weighed about five tons! A businessman passing by purchased it at the price of over 100,000 yuan (about $13,000).
blueshark22.jpg blueshark32.jpg


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18 Responses to “Holy Hello! Five-ton Blue Shark Captured in China”

  1. 1Brenda Love

    That thing looks obscene!!!

  2. 2Sharky

    Silly Chinese. That’s not a Blue Shark. I think it’s a Basking Shark.

  3. 3Dirtysubie

    Sharky you are correct…it amazes me the lack of observation of some of these reports from foreign lands

  4. 4Sharky

    The Chinese don’t give a “year of the” rat’s ass when it comes to any animals except for the Giant Panda… Most Chinese don’t even know that Shark Fin Soup is threatening the entire ocean ecosystem. Shark Fin in Chinese is literally translated into something silly like “fish wing.” I am not making this up.

  5. 5Erica

    Are you sure this isn’t the newly found Mega Mouth shark? Or is that the same as a Basking Shark?

  6. 6Angie from Holland

    Hi Sharky,

    You’re right this can’t be a blue shark. It would be a mega mega world record. Even bigger than the biggest great white ever caught. Though….looking at his head. It doesn’t appear to be a basking shark. If they opened it’s mouth we would be sure…. really weird.

  7. 7One tough cookie

    Yeah, i saw that picture and was all “wait…blue sharks get 15, maybe 20 feet long…”

    so thanks for pointing that out so I didn’t have to Sharky

  8. 8Shark B8

    Erica you are right it is a mega mouth, look at how the gills on the side of the shark are not how shall I say “stretched out” like they are in basking to allow the sieving of the water. It definitly is a mega mouth, we have one out here in California at the natural history museum that is dead and it looks a lot like that!!

  9. 9Sharky

    Look, all you guys gotta do is do 2 Google searches; one for “Basking Shark” and one for “Megamouth Shark.” You will see clearly that this is a Basking Shark. If this is a Megamouth–which it isn’t–it would be the biggest Megamouth ever seen.

  10. 10Angie from Holland

    Hi, I found a picture of a basking shark on it’s back. look at the picture and it’s head. Looks the same to me. Would do you think.

  11. 11benny

    definatly a basking shark no doubt

  12. 12waz

    Its a basking shark!!

  13. 13dave B

    With that pointy nose and mouth…a basking shark, no doubt

  14. 14Jazzy

    OMG that is one big shark but no sea monstero its only a basking shark, you can get them off the coast on Newquay in the UK. They’re harmless, you can even swim with them if they are not too scared coz they can be so curious

  15. 15isa

    that is definatly a basking shark, look at it’s nose plus a blue shark would never get as big as a plankton eating shark

  16. 16Niki Young

    That’s not a Blue Shark! It’s a Basking Shark.

  17. 17kiga

    #1 its a basking shark

    #2 that is wrong to kill sharks

  18. 18JJ

    Blue shark?….I think not. Clearly it is a Basking Shark. Talk about failure to collect all the facts. Just because it is a blue shark and big does not mean it’s a BLUE shark. *sigh*

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