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Coney Island Shark!

The summer of ‘07 came to an end on Coney Island yesterday with an only-in-New York fish story: meet the city lifeguard who saved - a shark.

Tender-hearted muscleman Marius Mironescu rescued a 2-foot sand shark from a mob of panicked swimmers, grabbing the wriggling fish in his arms and swimming out to sea with the stunned animal.

“There must have been 75 to 100 people circled around the shark in the water and they were bugging out,” said Mironescu, 39, of Brooklyn.

“They were holding on to it and some people were actually hitting him, smacking his face. Well, I wasn’t going to let them hurt the poor thing,” he said.

He carried the baby shark to a less populated area and started backstroking out to sea, dragging the shark with one hand.


4 Comments on “Coney Island Shark!”

  1. Sara

    i am glad for this article. last night i was stewing in anger about a shark hunting program broadcasted on spike tv and this article, though not having anything to do with the shark hunt, still eases my anger. im glad you put this up!

  2. Thad

    Yeah I saw that show too, I couldn’t believe that one crew caught a 500+ pound Thresher shark- I had no idea Threshers could get so big!

  3. All I can say is Thank God there are still some sane people left in the world.

  4. PS I meant the man who saved the shark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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