Coney Island Shark!

The summer of ’07 came to an end on Coney Island yesterday with an only-in-New York fish story: meet the city lifeguard who saved – a shark.

Tender-hearted muscleman Marius Mironescu rescued a 2-foot sand shark from a mob of panicked swimmers, grabbing the wriggling fish in his arms and swimming out to sea with the stunned animal.

“There must have been 75 to 100 people circled around the shark in the water and they were bugging out,” said Mironescu, 39, of Brooklyn.

“They were holding on to it and some people were actually hitting him, smacking his face. Well, I wasn’t going to let them hurt the poor thing,” he said.

He carried the baby shark to a less populated area and started backstroking out to sea, dragging the shark with one hand.


12 thoughts on “Coney Island Shark!

  1. Sara

    i am glad for this article. last night i was stewing in anger about a shark hunting program broadcasted on spike tv and this article, though not having anything to do with the shark hunt, still eases my anger. im glad you put this up!

  2. Thad

    Yeah I saw that show too, I couldn’t believe that one crew caught a 500+ pound Thresher shark- I had no idea Threshers could get so big!

  3. Roy Diaz

    You have to watch these small ones. I was swimming in waters off of North Carolina in early August and one of the little bastards latched onto my testicular sack…needless to say, I had to defend my manhod against the vicius little son of a bitch. When they get to adult size, they will go after your entire johnson. When you swim in NC, keep one hand on your sac…

    1. Tina Anderson

      Seriously Roy Diaz you’re a jerkwad and a little girl. Go troll somewhere else. We all know this didn’t happen to you anyway. You’d actually have to have a pair for them to latch onto and your penis would only serve as a little Gummy Bear snack for a shark! Now STFU and take that BS somewhere else!

  4. Sean K

    Roy Diaz –

    Bull***t stories like yours are the reason people hunt and kill sharks. They watched Jaws once and think sharks are meant to be feared. That is the reason so many are endangered.

    Absolute bull***t. Kudos to the lifeguard for having a bit of sense in a crowd of idiots.

  5. mrniceguy

    Sean K, you are a jackass. I personally know 3 men who were unwittingly castrated by these demonic fish whilst swimming with their families. One of these unfortunate men was attacked in his own pool! Somehow the evil little shark managed to sneak into their pool the night before the incident.

    Apparently sharks are attracted to testosterone. The Ampulae of Lorenzini home in on male human genetalia and poor mister manhood doesn’t stand a chance. Let all swimmers and recreational bathers beware! If we don’t destroy all sharks now, they will eat our penii later!

  6. Troodos

    How sweet, these sharks are so feared even though more than 80% are completely harmless. Only around six species will attack people, and even then it’s very rare.

  7. Therian

    @Mr.NiceGuy, what an ironic nickname. Your story is even more of a lie than his. I doubt sharks would want to chew off your manhood since there’s nothing there.

    Anyway, it’s nice to know that there are people with some humanity left in the world.

  8. Dellanotte

    … And it all gets dragged back to penis jokes and mythical pool sharks. Whether it’s trolling or a pair of 5-year-olds (without a pair between them), I’d honestly rather focus on the 75+ people ganging up on 2-foot fish-eater. Jeez, down in Mexico the tourists at least have enough sense to leave the dangerous beach-visiters (sting rays, in this case) some decent breathing room. It’s refeshing to hear that the lifeguards at least have their brain power. Rock on, Mironescu!


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