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UPDATE: Florida Diver Dies From Shark Attack

The man bitten by a shark while diving over the weekend has died, the U.S. Coast Guard in Miami announced today.

The 50-year-old man “passed away from his injuries sustained by a shark bite,” said Coast Guard spokeswoman Petty Officer Jennifer Johnson.

Authorities have not identified the man or where he was bitten pending family notification.

The victim was diving about 50 miles east of Fort Lauderdale on Sunday at about 10 a.m. when a shark bit him, according to officials.

A crewmember aboard the 70-foot Sheerwater, a commercial diving vessel from Riviera Beach, called the Coast Guard.

The service dispatched a rescue helicopter, and its crew hoisted the man off the boat and flew him to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.


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8 Responses to “UPDATE: Florida Diver Dies From Shark Attack”

  1. 1crypple

    The victim was onboard a vessel specifically for the purpose of diving with Tiger, Lemon and Bull sharks. Shark diving is dangerous, we all know that, and this diver accepted that risk by joining the shark diving expedition.

    This is a tragic story and I’m sure as more details emerge there will be a lot more good and bad press being slung around. The one thing that is absolutely clear however is that it was not a Great White Shark. Please remove your misleading image from this posting.

  2. 2Thad

    I usually dont go in the water for extended periods down here, I’ve just seen to many sharks. However, this will be in my mind next weekend when I go diving with visiting family members who really want to go. I’d feel better with them than w/o them because I at least know the waters somewhat.
    My condolences to the family of the victim.

  3. 3Brenda Love

    That is so awful. I too hope his family can find comfort.

  4. 4sharky

    It probably was a Bull Shark, definitely not a White Shark.

  5. 5Thad

    Just watched the news, they were on one of those cageless shark dives where they chum the water and sit on the bottom while a feeding frenzy goes on around you.
    Thats not something I would do. I like life.

  6. 6Dave

    It’s a tragic accident and my thoughts are with the diver’s family and friends.

    I’ve been on the Shear Water and have dived with Tiger Sharks with Jim Abernethy. They do not “chum the water” like they reported on some US networks. The footage used was misleading and shows the typical reef shark feeding frenzy some tour operators down there use.

    There is bait in the water on the Shear Water dives, but they do not actively feed the sharks. As a result the large sharks move quite slowly and calmly looking for food.

    It is dangerous, and the crew remind you of it if the divers start to get complacent. Jim makes it as safe as possible, but ultimately you accept the risk when you take part in these dives.

  7. 7diverchick

    i am sorry for the family’s loss but what else was to be expected? he went diving with one of the most common man eating sharks.

  8. 8Sharklover

    I think is a risk that everybody takes when they decide to go diving with this wonderfull animal, I love sharks and i know how dangerous they are so each person have the desicion of taking the chances.
    As soon as we enter the water we are on enemy territory and everyone knows that.

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