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More Details on the Florida Attack… at Swim At Your Own Risk

More Details on the Florida Attack…

Apparently, the attack happened 50 miles from the shores of Fort Lauderdale. A mayday call came in Sunday morning at 10am indicating a problem. Coast Guard officials immediately dispatched a crew to the scene rescuing 49 year old Markus Groh, a lawyer and avid diver from Austria.

He was diving off the “Shear Water” based out of New Port Cove marina in Riviera Beach and part of Jim Abernathy’s Scuba Adventures. According to their website, “No one can get you closer.” Groh was critical at the time of the rescue and flown to Jackson Memorial hospital in Miami where he pronounced dead a short time later.

According to, an online website for divers, Groh was bitten by a bull shark on a remote coral reef baited for shark diving.

The website says he was bitten on the leg during the dive in which a crate of dead fish was placed on the reef to attract sharks, which is a common practice and a popular dive for Abernathy’s Scuba Adventures which for years has routinely taken charters for the experience.


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4 Responses to “More Details on the Florida Attack…”

  1. 1matt

    Jeez bull sharks are scary. Nothing compares to tiger sharks though.

    Also your wetpixel link is 404ing :)

  2. 2Pierina

    so sad. my heart goes out to his family.

  3. 3Thad

    Here is their website:

    Or at least this is the site CNN says is their website…looks right to me.


  4. 4eric

    This happened off the bahamas not florida. the boat was chartered in florida but they were off the coast of the bahamas.

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