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Shark Jumps Into Boat! at Swim At Your Own Risk

Shark Jumps Into Boat!

A shark jumped into a boat, terrifying four children and two fishermen, near Waiheke Island, NZ last week.

The 5 ft thresher shark leaped into the Tony Page’s boat while on a day of fishing and diving with their children.

While the moms were in the water exploring fish life, the men and children were on board the boat fishing.

Tony had hooked a shark and it took off under the boat, thrashed its tail to get rid of the hook, jumped up over Tony’s lap and landed in the boat.

The four children screamed their lungs out as the shark thrashed around near Abbey, 5.

Tony put the shark out of its misery. Ten minutes later the women emerged from the water, oblivious to the incident.

Looks like Abbey got her revenge later…


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8 Responses to “Shark Jumps Into Boat!”

  1. 1dogislandlover

    What a poorly written article! Also, they put the shark out of its misery? Why not remove the hook and put him back in the water? Why bring it home so that your daughter can play with it in the front yard?!?!?!

  2. 2A.B.

    Haven’t you ever played with a corpse before?

  3. 3steph-o

    theres something soothing and relaxing about it! only joking!

  4. 4A.B.

    I’m not joking at all.

  5. 5Pierina

    Is a shame if they just killed that shark and wasted it. I hope they at lease bury it in the garden for fertilizer.
    A.B. EW!!
    it is not soothing or relaxing messing with corpses. When performing the last rites I always expect the dead patients to sit up and take a bite outta me. one time my patients body made this big groan and I nearly crapped my dacks!!

  6. 6sara

    thank you, logic. i was baffled by the misery thing too. BACK IN THE WATER would have done it.

    excellent lesson for kids on how to respect marine life.

  7. 7Sharky

    Don’t be silly, Sara. Anything that comes out of the ocean is a toy, don’tchaknow?

  8. 8sara

    silly me, here i thought they were real animals!

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