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Indiana Mom Gashed By Shark at Cocoa Beach at Swim At Your Own Risk

Indiana Mom Gashed By Shark at Cocoa Beach

An Indiana mom and her kids are back home following a spring break vacation that sent her to the hospital with a shark bite. It happened in the Atlantic Ocean near Cocoa Beach, FL.

Teresa Holloway was riding the waves in when she suddenly felt something very sharp on her foot.

Basically the top of her foot was filleted open so they had to tack it down. The bottom looked like somebody took a knife and was cutting up and down the foot.

Despite the bite, she says she will go back into the water. The doctor told her at the hospital that she had a better chance of getting struck by lightening. Teresa didn’t think that was so funny since her house had actually been struck by lightening and burned.

[source and video]

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3 Responses to “Indiana Mom Gashed By Shark at Cocoa Beach”

  1. 1Devilish Southern Belle

    Wow….lightening AND sharks? This woman must be destined to do great things!

  2. 2Sharky

    There can be only one…she is the Highlander!

  3. 3Brenda Love

    Time to retire. To the mountains.

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