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Have Sharks Acquired a Taste For Humans? at Swim At Your Own Risk

Have Sharks Acquired a Taste For Humans?

Scientists believe sharks are now actually hunting people for the first time after the recent Jaws-style attacks in Mexico where two surfers were killed and one badly injured in a month.

A fourth swimmer is now missing at the Mexican seaside town.

Locals fear a rogue shark is responsible but experts believe a pack of deadly bull sharks are actually targeting humans for the first time.

They think the sharks could have developed a taste for human flesh after devouring hundreds of corpses dumped into the sea by mobsters.

The beach at Zihuantanejo – near Acapulco and popular with British tourists – had not previously recorded a shark incident in more than 30 years.

And, with an annual average of only four fatal shark attacks globally, the fact that two people have died along the same stretch of coast within weeks has astonished international experts.


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10 Responses to “Have Sharks Acquired a Taste For Humans?”

  1. 1Sharky

    I call shenanigans.

  2. 2Brenda Love

    YES! They looooove our tasty flesh and cream-filled innards. One shark, when interviewed, said we taste “like chicken.”

  3. 3Landlover

    I’m not surprised…it’s adaptive behavior if we believe that their food sources are more scarce than ever and there are more humans than ever in the water (not including me of course)…I don’t know about that corpse theory though……what about the USS Indianapolis?…a lot more than 100 people were eaten by sharks then……and the sharks weren’t as out of hand as they appear to be now after that fiasco…maybe there were and our reporting is just better now…who knows????

  4. 4sarah

    the theory does not make sense to me. if they “developed” a taste for humans… then attacks would be slow on the rise… not all the sudden. it sounds like a rogue shark. -note i’m not a scientist, i just stayed at a holiday inn express last night.

  5. 5A.B.

    Don’t you guys get it? It’s marketing! Damn advertising campaign directed toward sharks. It goes something like this:

    “Eat people: the other, other, white meat!”

  6. 6Shark B8

    AHHHH it’s all Bull!!!! hee hee! I think that it just has to do with less fish in the ocean due to the increasing temps while there are more people in the ocean again due to the high temps and the sharks are having to search different areas unknown to us for food!!! Hello it’s all global warming…it effects everything!!!!!!!

  7. 7Jes

    thats messssed!

  8. 8The Hairy Beast

    I like to eat Mexican too, but not every day.

  9. 9Me Dude.

    What. The. Hell.
    Are you completely delusional or something?

    For a start, most sharks have never even seen a human let alone tasted one.
    If sharks liked the taste of us, do you not think for one second that they would have hunted us down by now?They’re incredibly evolved apex predators, that have every ability to hunt and eat us, yet sharks kill approximately five people a year and the fact that they attack at all is usually in case of mistaken identity.

    Also with the USS Indianapolis, so many people were eaten because the sharks that hunt in that area (that is wide open ocean) are opportunistic hunters that eat when they can. For those sharks, such as blue sharks and oceanic white tips, they don’t know when they’re next meal is going to come along. They’re going to take advantage of every opportunity they can get.

    This is an appalling website that portrays sharks are mindless killing machines which they are most certainly not. Comparing shark attacks to a film is the worst way to go about making your point. Especially that film being Jaws. I mean, there’s another film called Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, that has the shark GROWLING. Thats just messed up. So these films were made when people didn’t know anything about sharks.

    And there’s my point.


    By the way, I’m only fifteen years old xD



  10. 10Jodie

    Thanks for portraying sharks as hunting down humans. You have just given people another reason to fish sharks to extinction.

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