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Whoa Nellie! That Thing Is Huge!

Last week a fishing boat near Hainan Sanya in China caught what is likely to be one of the largest rays ever caught.

The fishermen netted a 3,300 lb Devil Ray, which took about 3 hours to pull back into the boat. The net was strong enough to hold it, but the 16.5 feet wide ray died in the struggle.

The fishermen tied the it to the back of their boat, dragged it back to their dock and sold it for about $1,500.

Devil ray’s bring in a lot of dough… the liver can be made into fish oil, the bones and intestines are used in medical fish powder, and the meat is a delicacy in most restaurants.

R.I.P. giant devil ray.


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9 Responses to “Whoa Nellie! That Thing Is Huge!”

  1. 1Sharky

    Oh look, something really cool. Let’s kill it.

  2. 2Damien

    So typical of the Asian culture.

    TOTALLY uncaring about anything but themselves.


  3. 3Sully

    KILL IT, KILL IT NOW… It’s Giant - therefore we must kill it…

    $$$ Money Hungry Idiots… Don’t they realize they are fishing themselves out of their livelihood.

  4. 4Shark B8

    Wow how sad, it is so beautiful!!! What a waste, it’s not like they need it to live off of…medical powders?? How ridiculus!

  5. 5SeaFan

    this is really disgusting. i just don’t understand how they can get away with this. it is incredibly rude. $1500 is nothing compared to how old and rare it was. terrible.

  6. 6dogislandlover

    Look! It’s gigantic! Let’s slaughter it for bullcrap medical powders & other useless stuff. How cool it would have been to tag it and study it and film it… RIP all of the cool stuff out there, humans will get you.

  7. 7Devilish Southern Belle

    How sad :(

  8. 8Jodie

    This is criminal! Such a unique, beautiful, PRICELESS creature had to die for $1500. What a complete and utter joke. A hex on those who did this!

  9. 9T.Karpinski

    I bet there is more than one out there its just hidin. Probally has a mom and dad maybe a sister or brother. They probally even said dont go near that boat you mite get killed. Then it probally said back Im my own stingray look how big I am Im runnin this ocean. Then they said fine go then stupid, Im tellin mom! Man he shouldve listen.They killed Crocidile Steve Remember, Its just justice. Now were even.

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