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Shark’s “Fang” Found on UK Beach at Swim At Your Own Risk

Shark’s “Fang” Found on UK Beach

A tooth from a massive Great White shark found on a British beach adding to the mounting evidence that the man-eaters are moving into British waters.

The razor-sharp fang measured nearly 2½”. That means the beast it came from was probably about 20ft long.

It follows a possible sighting of a Great White last week by a North Sea oil rig crew off the coast of Aberdeen where the man-eater was snapped by a remote-controlled sub.

Last summer The Sun published pictures of what is believed to have been a Great White off the Cornish coast and in January a mutilated seal washed up in Norfolk.

“The tooth is out there.”


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3 Responses to “Shark’s “Fang” Found on UK Beach”

  1. 1Jason

    I doubt they are moving in. They catch Great Whites as far north as Alaska, the UK wouldn’t be anything for them to put up with.

  2. 2Oscar

    I know people in Scotland that find mammal carcasses with bite marks taken out of them on the shores. Any shark geek knows that white sharks prefer cooler waters, so why wouldn’t they enjoy the UK and its abundant prey populations?! Cool pic from that sub, though the dorsal fin is pretty large for a white shark but you never know.

  3. 3paul

    white sharks in the summer months do travel north for cooler water ,but if they travel as far as the uk remains to be seen , with global warming they should be numerous off the cornish coast within in the next 15 years , if there are any left mind you , we need to protect them

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