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18th Shark Bite at New Smyrna! at Swim At Your Own Risk

18th Shark Bite at New Smyrna!

26-year-old surfer became Volusia County’s 18th shark bite victim of 2008 this morning.

Alexander Zgura was sitting on his board in the surf near the jetties on the New Smyrna Beach side of Ponce de Leon Inlet just before 11 a.m. when a 6 ft shark grabbed him by the lower left leg.

The shark took two bites between the knee and ankle leaving about 13 to 15 separate lacerations, which would likely require stitches. However, Alex declined transport to Bert Fish Medical Center saying he would go by private vehicle.

The bite comes less than a week after an unidentified New Smyrna Beach man was bitten on the left foot while swimming south of the 27th Avenue beach Sunday afternoon.


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5 Responses to “18th Shark Bite at New Smyrna!”

  1. 1Chris

    18 shark attacks yet people continue to go into the water… Simply amazing!

  2. 2Mark

    There are magnetic shark repellents that many surfers put on their ankle here in New Smyrna Beach the site is

  3. 3jordan

    why would you not go back in the water? bitch…

  4. 4josh

    chris is gay…pussy

  5. 5Cameron

    Only homo emos wouldnt go back into the water
    the waves are sick after the hurricanes!

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