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Ted Danson Blames Fish & Chips for Shark Extinction at Swim At Your Own Risk

Ted Danson Blames Fish & Chips for Shark Extinction

Ted Danson is saying traditional British fish and chips is to blame for the near extinction of an endangered species of shark.

According to, Danson said the “fish” enjoyed by millions of Brits in their fish and chips could be “spiny dogfish”, a rare species of shark that is on the World Conservation Union Criticially Endangered List.

The Cheers actor, who founded Oceana, the largest international group focused soley on ocean conservation, said the dogfish was once the most abundant shark species in the world but has been brought to the edge of extinction by over fishing.

The UK is the fourth biggest shark fishing nation in Europe, hauling in almost 8,000 metric tonnes of sharks and rays, the bulk of which comes from the Northeast Atlantic.

Danson, said much of this catch, including the endangered shark species, is marketed as “rock salmon” and is ending up in the fish and chips.


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1 Response to “Ted Danson Blames Fish & Chips for Shark Extinction”

  1. 1nurzu

    The headline of this article printed in the Telegraph is out of context from the way the actual piece was written. Danson did not “blame fish and chips” for the decline of shark populations if you actually read the piece. He was making a point that the Spurdog shark species is a UK symbol of the larger problem facing the world’s oceans as a whole: overfishing and science based management of fisheries.

    Headlines are unfortunately too often a way to get attention, and in this case, unfortunately, it was spun in the wrong direction. Ted Danson is truly passionate about this issue and would never argue what people should or shouldn’t do in their personal lives. What he is saying is - chose responsibly when you can, but at the end of the day the thing that is going to make the biggest difference is being an advocate and influencing policy.

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