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Diver Attacked by Great White in The Croatian Sea!

A 43 year-old Slovenian diver was severely wounded in a great white attack while he was free-diving spear-fishing just 30 feet off the coast of the island of Vis in the Croatian Adriatic sea.

The shark bit the diver on the calf. Yeouch. Somehow, he managed to free himself by shooting the shark with a harpoon. He was immediately taken to the local health station by his friends, and shortly after to the general hospital in the town of Split via an army helicopter. He lost a lot of blood and suffered some serious damage to his left leg.

During the operation, doctors found two shark teeth deep in his flesh and sent them to specialists who determined that the attack was caused by 10ft great white shark.

The victim is now beeing cured in a barchamber (I have no idea what that is… but you can see it in the video) and being given strong antibiotics. Doctors expect that the operated and reconstructed leg will recover and the patient will not lose his leg.

This was the first shark attack in the croatian part of the Adriatic sea since 1974. The shark was apparently attracted to the blood of some caught fish which was in a net tied to the diver’s waist.

Thanks to Jan for the translation!

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3 Responses to “Diver Attacked by Great White in The Croatian Sea!”

  1. 1kat

    Most likely it’s a “Hyperbaric Chamber”, as it helps with oxygen flow and blood vessel formation in wounds.

  2. 2Pierina

    I was there a few months ago and went swimming off some cliffs. Being from Australia I did have sharks on the mind and asked the dive people about sharks and they all LOL’d at me.
    I bet they stopped laughing so hard now…

  3. 3shark lover

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!!

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