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Another Shark Incident In the Adriatic! at Swim At Your Own Risk

Another Shark Incident In the Adriatic!

A large shark was spotted cruising around the calm waters of Adriatic Sea near Lovran. Remember that recent incident in the Adriatic? This time the shark went home hungry though. Thanks to the fall weather, nobody was swimming.


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6 Responses to “Another Shark Incident In the Adriatic!”

  1. 1Angie

    Hmm looks like the dorsalfin of a dolphin.

  2. 2Pierina

    That isn’t a dolphin, their tails point down, in some parts of the clip you can see dorsal fin and tail sticking out.
    That’s a shark.

  3. 3badfish

    your both wrong, I didn’t see the tail fin even though the dorsal was that high out of the water and its not a dolphin, they dont swim side to side. that only leaves one possible solution….a shark hoax!

  4. 4Pierina

    badfish you can see the tail poke out at 5 seconds and 10 seconds, it is very brief but it is def there

  5. 5badfish

    as high as the dorsal was the tail would be out of the water( watched the vid several times and now i am convinced its a hoax) the dorsal fin looked like a K RASTA keel fin for a surfboard

  6. 6April

    The tail can be seen at 5 and 10 seconds like Pierina said. That´s no hoax!! I´m really scared and will never never swim in the Mediterranean again.

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