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China Beach Shark Sighting?

According to’s Pacific Coast Shark News section, the following observation was made by Megan on November 29, 2008:

“I was recently on vacation in San Francisco over the weekend. On Saturday I was sitting outside China Beach for a few hours watching all the surfers rushing to get to the cove off to the left of the beach. Must have been great waves that day! While looking straight ahead and out into the water I saw a really large fish with a very prominent fin as well as some of its body surface then slowly go back under water. It disappeared for a good 30 seconds or longer then slowly popped up again. I watched it very slowly move towards Ocean Beach. I was afraid it could be heading towards the surfers, but my friend said she did not think it was anything to worry about, plus I am not sure she quite believed me.”

Hmmm, was it or wasn’t it?

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4 Responses to “China Beach Shark Sighting?”

  1. 1Martin Brody

    Been a little slow lately, huh? I thought sharks were supposed to like cold water. I guess it’s the people that don’t.

    New Smyrna Beach… you listening?

  2. 2shark lover

    maybe its a piranha

  3. 3badfish

    good to see your still alive martin

  4. 4badfish

    some sharks like warm water (ask the surfers on padre island)

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