Shark Clears Water at Hawaii Lagoon

A shark moseyed into a lagoon in Ko Olina, Hawaii yesterday. Apparently, somebody starting yelling “shark, shark, shark” and everybody rushed out of the lagoon. Uh, wouldn’t you? Somebody caught all the action on her cell phone camera. Judging by the size, it appeared to be a hammerhead. Damn, that thing was close to shore!

No word on whether the lagoon has reopened yet.

[source + video]

0 thoughts on “Shark Clears Water at Hawaii Lagoon

  1. jack hamer

    i hate this stuff every one is scared of sharks they arent that bad. over the years every one has become scared of them and thin that they are going to attack them. truth is it is veryyyyy rare.

  2. Emily

    What is the big deal about sharks? There so misunderstood! Everyone thinks all they want to do is kill kill and kill


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