New Zealand Surfer Gets Cozy With Killer Whale

A surfer in New Zealand got to got to spend a liittle QT with three orcas on the Taranaki coast.

Life long surfer Craig Hunter (aka Billy) was surfing at Stent Road surf break near Cape Egmont in Taranaki, when he saw a big whale about 6.30pm on Saturday, but he said the waves were just too good to stay out of the water.

Hunter said he had seen a girl killed by a shark when he was 16 so the orca did not make him nervous. Huh?

Meanwhile, according to photographer Jane Dove Juneau, there was one large orca and two small ones. Hunter had been too busy surfing to notice the other two whales.


9 thoughts on “New Zealand Surfer Gets Cozy With Killer Whale

  1. Shark B8

    That is awesome but just remember they are wild animals and there is always a first time for everything!!! The pic is great what a sight to have seen that beautiful whale surfacing right in front of him….I am definitely fascinated!!!!

  2. Billy Hunter

    Hey.I’m Billy (the “Orca Bloke”)Hunter. Unfortunately that aint me in the photo, that’s a JAP tourist, ya see I had to stay there to protect the Orcas !! I was actually a bit to the left & a little closer to the Orca.But I had nothing to worry bout. As soon as Jap man saw Orca he was outa dere !
    Another amazing exprience with these beautiful creatures.The best part is when he surfaces, a few metres away,& looks @ ya’with those huge eyes…”just checkin bro, you’re cool..later” simply awesome,simply surfing!! and Thankyou.

  3. celestine keen

    Wow, that is amazing. A once in a lifetime experience, Orcas are cool, they are not like sharks, they usually don’t attack humans ,unless they feel threatened.They are very intelligent and , we need to protect and respect these awesome mammals, celx

  4. Anonymous

    What is the storey of the 16 year old the surfer saw killed by a shark. Have never heard of a fatal shark attack in NZ?

  5. mrniceguy

    Billy, didn’t you have a large knife or a poleaxe or something to slay the orca with? You missed a golden opportunity to waste that ugly demon and it’s babies! That would have been sweet!


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