Cookie Cutter Shark Takes Bite Out of Swimmer

61-year-old Mike Spalding received a little bite to his left calf Monday night as he was attempting to swim the nearly 30-mile Alenuihaha Channel from the Big Island to Maui.

Spalding was about 4.5 hours and 11 miles into crossing the channel at about 8 p.m. when he felt a sharp pain on his chest. He immediately began moving over to a kayak accompanying him. About 15 seconds later, he felt a bite to the calf and started bleeding profusely.

The 3″ diameter, 1″ deep wound on the back of his left leg, was most likely inflicted by a cookie cutter shark (famous for taking melon-ball-sized chunks of flesh from its prey.)

Spalding was more upset about having his swim cut short than he was about his injury.
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16 thoughts on “Cookie Cutter Shark Takes Bite Out of Swimmer

  1. DSFlyman

    Most likely caused by??? If I was in the middle of the ocean and had a “melon ball” sized chunk missing from any part of my body, I’d want some answers.

  2. Alex T

    fuck man if i had any thing like A stupid cookie shark come up and bite me i would fucking eat the damm thing and then mabe grab it and tose it into my python cage and see how long it would servie

  3. Annoyed Biologist

    this is so dumb they’re not a beast they’re rarely known to bite humans they only come to the surface at night time and they rarely ever kill anything, they’re technically a parasite. get your facts right


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