Python Kills 2-Year Old Child!

A 12-foot pet Burmese python broke out of it’s aquarium and strangled a 2-year-old girl in her bedroom Wednesday at a central Florida home. Shaunnia Hare was already dead when paramedics arrived at about 10 a.m.

Charles Jason Darnell, the snake’s owner and the boyfriend of Shaunnia’s mother, discovered the snake missing from its aquarium and went to the girl’s room, where he found it on the girl and bite marks on her head. Darnell, 32, stabbed the snake until he was able to pry the child away.

Darnell did not have a permit for the snake. He has not been charged, but investigators were looking into whether there was child neglect or if any other laws were broken. The snake will be placed with someone who has a permit, pending an investigation into the girl’s death.


14 thoughts on “Python Kills 2-Year Old Child!

  1. Kathy

    A huge snake like this for a pet? What do you think would happen? Are you sure this was not done on purpose? Sounds strange to have any dangerous animal or snake around anyone? A pet rabbit, dog, cat, fish, but a huge snake? Please investigate.

  2. hgkj,hmn

    I have a snake too. They are great pets but it is defenitly irresponsable to have one in the same house of 2 year old!! there is no risk for an adult with that snake, but for a child…

  3. JC

    well, an expert the local wildlife center on our news said that these snakes don’t go after humans, but that if the toddler had the scent of a family pet (like a dog, etc) on her, then the snake would smell that and not be able to differentiate between the child and the dog.

    if you have the capability to properly and safely house this size snake, then it should be safe. you don’t hear about them breaking out of their housing at zoos because their cages are properly secured.

    kathy, these snakes aren’t generally dangerous and you can’t command a pet snake to attack a child, much less command it to do anything else as they are quite primitive. so there isn’t much to investigate – it was a sad, sad accident and a morbid lesson in responsibility.

  4. MacDizzle

    put yourself in the 2 year old’s shoes. think about it. being there. a giant snake coming after you. not knowing what to do and then it strangles you. and all you want is your mommy but you cant have her because you are trapped.

    this is super-sad and i hope that this dose not happen again.


  5. Terri-Lynn

    I swear some people need a permit before they are allowed to have a child. I agree that this is very sad and distrubing news, but all pets are animals, and they have instincts. More and more, you hear about parents being irresponsible and it leading to injury or death of their own children. The pet should not be held accountable. Parents will be ignorant and continue to have pets interact with small children and more will suffer due to the negligence of those parents. The next time your own child is around your family pet i want you to think, is that animal suitable around a child? Dont take a chance. Your children shouldnt suffer from your lack of judgement. Think…Thats all it takes!

  6. josh

    Wow.I guess it is true, you can’t change stupid. The majority of people here jump at blaming the snake right away and say kill them or they shouldn’t be pets etc. Any animal can turn on its owner. Hell, should we flush all gerbils next time one bites a fingertip stuck in a cage? Grow up and know what you are talking about. Many people are afraid of snakes because they are uninformed or worse yet misinformed. My girlfriend thinks snakes are gross but leaves personal opinions aside so her daughter doesn’t grow up ignorant.It comes down to respect and responsibility for these and all animals. Stupid is forever and most of you have helped prove this once again.

  7. alex

    we had two snakes while my youngest brother was a baby (he is 12 now) we had a boa constrictor and a burmese python and my dad built a large wooden tank for it n always kept it locked, this is clearly the parents fault for keepin it in a poorly constructed cage or not makein sure the cage was locked properly

  8. Quenci L H

    That is soooooo sad . And she was cute too. To bad her DUMB father kept a PYTHON SNAKE in the house at NIGHT. And didnt have a permit. Thats a shame.

    RIP Shaunnia. You deserve to be in a better place!

  9. Amber

    It is really sad what happened to the little girl, much yet they didnt have the snake locked in its cage. All they had was a quilt blanket over the opening of the top of the cage. These large snakes need to be in a better place where they can have a place to roam, like a zoo or where someone has the experience with them. I do have a snake, a 3 foot ball python and she is locked in a cage and never is out around my child. You have to be responsible when you have these kind of animals as pets, not everyone knows how to take care of a snake and make sure they are not starving and would do this.


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