South Padre Shark Bite!

An Edinburg teen needed 15 stitches to close a leg wound after a shark bit her left leg.

Deidre Casas, 14, was in the Gulf of Mexico at South Padre Island on Friday when she reached a sandbar. Casas said something was tugging on her left leg, then “there was blood everywhere.” The girl headed for shore to get help.

Her mother, Joann Casas, says doctors did X-rays and decided the girl was bitten by a small shark, based on the type of wound and marks on her lower leg. The cut runs several inches across the front upper part of the girl’s ankle.


12 thoughts on “South Padre Shark Bite!

  1. bre

    i really dont want to get bite by one…..i dont want to feel how it feels…….espaisaly the great white shark…cuz if it gets me i will die..ndd the shark was llittle how can it do lots of damage?????wen i went to padre ndd we took pictures u can see a fin ndd the head i think it was a shark…freeeeaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyy…

  2. Nichole Schiller Wells

    OMG!!! that is so scary. i am needless to say terrified of sharks. i only go to the sandbars not more than the 2nd sandbar. i am so glad that the girl was OK afterwards especially since it was a little shark but still… i don’t want to know how horrible the damages would be when a huge shark bites you… now I’m thinking i don’t want to go to south padre next month! i heard that a girl took a picture up in the air and counted over 50 sharks by a group of swimmers by the sandbar… to me not so much excitement going to the beach anymore

  3. sarah dunkin

    haha. wow those stories are so freakin crazy
    ha. im sorry all that crap happend to you guys but….i still want to go its a fun place i just dont think ill be getting in the water well the beach at least in sure they have a pool or some thing right ?

  4. james

    i thought there might be some but that is where they live it makes me concerned cuz i have two little kids but i would want them to go still but with more caution we plan on going soon i hope that girl healed well ……..i was more worried about jellies.

  5. Zoey

    Well i was recently in S.P.I. My youngest son and i were just in the shallow water and the waves were very strong that day. Well the water was about a little lower than waist deep and after a wave came in, i saw something about four feet long, and it was a white-ish gray. i asked some friends of mine and they said that nurse sharks are kinda popular in the area, but that they are harmless. It was still really frightening though..

  6. Kyle

    Geez I have a fish thats getting HUGE i hope it doesnt turn on me! Pooor girl that many stiches must of hurt really bad. I hope there hasnt been anymore shark atacks recently!

  7. Alice

    Oh my! I hope she’s ok!! And ah we are goin here from Friday-Sunday!!! I hope there are no sharks! I went when I was 7.. And I’m 16 now, makes me wonder how much changed over time!

  8. lalalame

    dammm u guys should see the youtube videos on sharks caught in south padre they r even more freakyer well i went to th ebeach n there was no sign of sharks (:

  9. mindy

    I grew up near SPI. Have been going for 42 years. Never have seen a shark in the beach. I’m sure they are around, but it is super safe. I have caught small sharks in the bay, but never the beach. Go have fun and don’t worry.


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