Sharks Shut It Down In Florida

Beaches at Singer Island have been closed for two days due to numerous shark sightings.

Every year at this time, sharks of just about every variety – spinner, reef, hammerhead and bull sharks – follow schools of migrating fish along the Florida coastline.

Double red flags are normally posted to warn swimmers of the danger. The risk is even greater in the morning and late afternoon hours when the sharks normally feed.

Dozens, if not hundreds, were seen swimming very close to shore Wednesday and Thursday. Many were cruising in just three to four feet of water.

Lifeguards identified the vast majority as spinner sharks but a few tiger sharks were in the mix as well.


One thought on “Sharks Shut It Down In Florida

  1. AP

    I seriously doubt there are Tigers – maybe an occasional Hammerhead or Bull. We go to Singer Island this time every year and pretty much always encounter thousands of Spinners. They’re beautiful to watch, especially at dawn when they’re most active. The biggest I’ve ever seen was about 7-8 feet but I’ve heard there are bigger one’s. I’ve frequently seen them as close as 3 feet from the edge of the beach in as little as 18 inches of water. We stick to the pool and hot tub!


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