One Ton Shark Caught Near Shark Attack Beach

A one ton shark was caught on February 4, near the beach where ten people were recently attacked in Quy Nhon city, the central province of Binh Dinh, Vietnam.

The fisherman said the 16 ft shark is the largest shark he has ever caught . He has already been offered over 30 million dong (over $1,500) for the fins but the fisherman hasn’t agreed to the deal yet. The shark will be kept fresh in sea water until he decides what to do with it.

Experts from the Nha Trang Institute for Oceanography met the fisherman, but in order to test the shark to determine the species and find out whether it is responsible for recent attacks, the institute would have to pay Dang 40 million dong ($2400).

The institute’s representative said that they hoped the shark could be displayed at the Nha Trang Institute for Oceanography following research.

In mid-January, a number of people were hospitalized with serious injuries. The Nha Trang Institute for Oceanography confirmed that these injuries caused by a shark but they couldn’t specify the species.

Quy Nhon authorities offered a prize of 10 million dong in cash for anybody who catches the share and set up a team of shark hunters. This is the first shark netted since that day.


10 thoughts on “One Ton Shark Caught Near Shark Attack Beach

  1. Meredith

    I’m sorry maybe I am off my game, but doesn’t that highly resemble a carcharadon carcharias (great white shark)??? Still interesting, nonetheless!

  2. waz

    Ok, so a bunch of people got atatcked by sharks in Vietnam…why does this never get recorded on the shark attack stats that the University of Florida creates…they make it out like there are so many shark attacks in FL and the USA yet these are easy to record…so many countries like Vietnam, India, Kenya somehow never seem to have recorded data even though attacks take place…wish they would extend/update their recordings. @ Meredith whats the question about the GWS?

  3. dru

    I do not think this is the same shark that attacked those other people- much too large. The other people were likely attacked by a juvenile Tiger or Bull shark. A White shark this size would have inflicted much more damage.

    As for ISAF, it is a complete joke. At least Georgie conceded the recent kite surfer victim was “probably a feeding event,” as if, in the end, sharks engage in a wide array of other behaviors.


  4. Annie

    I too think that it is a GW, however the experts at the Nha Trang Institute for Oceanography finally identified it as a black shark !!? Not sure I’ve ever heard of that species

  5. Oscar

    You don’t need to be an oceonographer to tell that’s a great white!

    There must be shitloads of attacks in under-developed regions of the world, as Waz says, that go unrecorded.


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