Shark Shuts Down New York Beach!

A stretch of Rockaway Beach in Queens was closed for more than an hour on Saturday morning after a shark was spotted swimming among surfers near the shore.

“It swam right under my buddy’s board as he was paddling out, and some surfers paddled away around the jetty,” said Alex Karinsky, 46, of Rockaway. “It’s the third shark sighting here this summer.”

The shark — some beachgoers insisted there were actually three — was spotted around 10 a.m. by surfers at what is one of the city’s official surfing beaches, near Beach 90th Street. Lifeguards ordered surfers out of the water along a stretch of more than a mile.


One thought on “Shark Shuts Down New York Beach!

  1. anonymus

    I have never been afraid to bathe on a beach because I never walked away from the shore and always swim where other people. Never I’ll get on a beach where no one is swimming because it is not only a shark attack, also might have strong currents and there are no people around me could not tell and no one could help me.


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