VIDEO: Shark Attacks Surfer in North Carolina!

Josh Clement, 25, was surfing off Figure Eight Island with some friends Saturday. About 3 p.m., he caught a wave in. As he was jumping back on his board to paddle back out, he accidentally kicked the shark. He says the shark then turned and bit his left foot. Yeouch!


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Shark Attacks Surfer in North Carolina!

  1. Sweetpea

    There was another shark that beached itself yesterday on the north carolina beach. It was on the news today. What is up this year with all of the shark sightings, attacks, and sharks beaching themsleves? Is it el nino or something or the oil spill pushing them more up the coast????/

  2. sharkbait

    the water temps in n.c. (at least my part of it) have been higher than usual. ocean has been over 82 degrees on a lot of days, not common.


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