More Red Sea Shark Attacks!

According to the Washington Post, an oceanic white tip shark badly mauled four Russian tourists swimming close to their beach hotels in two separate attacks at an Egyptian Red Sea resort.

Director of Sinai Conservation Mohammed Salem said the shark attacked two Russians swimming in the Ras Nasrani area near the famed Sharm el-Sheikh resort in the Sinai Peninsula and bit their arms off.

The same shark may also have been involved in an attack on another pair of Russians on Tuesday swimming close to the resort beach, he added.

The shark badly injured a middle-aged woman’s legs and back and bit off her hand. She had a heart attack and had to be resucitated at the hospital.

The second victim, a 70-year-old woman was found with her right hand and left leg torn off.

Diving instructor Hassan Salem (no related to Mohammed Salem) said he was on a dive at the same time of the attack and was circled by the same shark before it went after the couple.

“I was able to scare the shark away by blowing bubbles in its face, but then saw it swim to a woman and bite her legs,” he told The Associated Press.

Salem said the water turned red with the blood from the attack, and he rushed to take the diver he was training out of the water.

All four victims were flown to Cairo for medical treatment and were in critical condition.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy in Cairo confirmed that two Russians were attacked Tuesday, but he was only aware of a single Ukranian involved in a shark attack the following day. The discrepancy could not be immediately explained.

Mohammed Salem said coast guard authorities were hunting for the shark and have issued a warning for swimmers to stay out of the water.


5 thoughts on “More Red Sea Shark Attacks!

  1. dru

    And, different era, but the news spin begins…

    BBC “reports” the following:

    “Only nine such attacks have ever been recorded worldwide.”

    Is that so? Given the volume of people eaten by these sharks after maritime disasters, one might actually laugh at loud at the disinformation out there. Any survivor of the USS Indianapolis that swears by the Word above that they despise sharks, they are cursing the Oceanic Whitetip, make no mistake, at least 9 attacks were recorded each day.

    “An expert from a shark trust in Britain suggested it might have been disturbed by illegal fishing, leading it to act in such an aggressive manner.”

    This doesn’t even make logical sense and turns the law of parsimony on its head. The sharks that are normally in the open ocean have been attacking and consuming humans that are close to shore. We are to believe this isn’t simple feeding behavior of a known man-eater? Wait. Ok, that makes so much more sense.

    These sharks devoured the people of out an agitated state of self-defense. Because…there were people fishing. In the area. So to speak.


  2. DAB

    The Egyptian officials sound like carbon copies of the village officials of Amity – the village in the movie Jaws. A few sharks have been caught and they deem those sharks to be those which attacked and that its safe to go back into the water.

    The liklihood of those sharks being any of the attackers is very small. Notwithstanding that, the Egyptian officials will probably act like those of Amity if another attack after the beaches are reopend.

    Notice that there is no mention of the bite radius possibility of the caught sharks or of the actual bite radius of the shark bite wounds.

  3. Ella

    This is so sad my step got bit by getting bit on the leg he lived but he died soon lateri am 9 yrs old i went diving and saw a shark it did nt see me i was very lucky


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