Surfer Attacked by Shark at Reunion Island!

Xavier Brunetiere, general secretary at the Reunion town hall, said the surfer’s right foot and his hand were seriously injured, in the attack at Saint Leu, located in a marine reserve on the western side of the island.
The man, whose identity was not released, is aged about 40 and is an experienced surfer, Brunetiere said.
Witnesses said the shark had severed a hand and a foot from the victim, but he made it back to the beach by himself. His life was not in danger, Brunetiere said.
Shark attacks here have been increasing in the last two years, with three surfers killed in the last 13 months.
Sunday’s attack, the third this year, comes just over a fortnight after 22-year-old local Alexandre Rassica was killed by a shark who bit off his leg.


One thought on “Surfer Attacked by Shark at Reunion Island!

  1. drudown

    Sharks are like no one else because they eat everything else.

    Like the giant snakes, loved by none, feared by most all.

    Its shadow falls like the reaper, completing its hit and run in a mere instant.

    They swim through eternity, unbroken in their duty, steely glare stares at each potential meal that swims by, not quite sure how the last one got away, not just from their adaptations- but from their innate supremacy over all in its domain, the Tiger shark reigns.

    Are not sharks not harbingers? And in each strident wake these assassins glide through a larger world along the reef, and all is processed and dispatched with consummate perfection inside of their serrated teeth.

    O Angel, where are those first sharks going- of ancestral migrations of our forefathers, swimming, those ancestral fins that cut through the placid still in the quiet hour of the night, as we dip ourselves in a fear more primal still. Lions purr like thunderstorms inside of the ear: as fire crackles over brush as we run like blood on the shoreline, for a purer time must exist, we tell ourselves, inside of the mind: O hunter, tell me that each calf that bled was torn off for something more pure and whole than the drops of blood that spilled for each of our sins, Great One: these thrashing tails churn the ocean as the moment is cut away like butter as we are left awestruck by your brighitened teeth: your sheath: Black Eye ever watchful: dear White shark: take this offering into your bloodstream: nightmare of so many dreams: of so many creatures: your exposed fin alone has achieved this.

    As you race through our blood like the incessant tide.

    The shark glides underneath us:

    silvery messenger.

    As you thrash into the here and now.

    Give us the secret of your thrashing magic.

    For there is nothing, no beginning of terror, no elevating thought that may wash your image from our blueprint, Great Destroyer, you alone patrol the channel of primal fear.

    And for the departed in your wake? Tears.

    As the alleged statistics hang awkwardly like a leopard’s kill, hanging lifelessly from a leopard’s tree.

    “Never trust a wild beast”: Diana once whispered to me.

    For in them is an emptiness: where no words and no understanding clots in the blood: only self-preservation: and it burns like Creation fire over your open pastures, O wanderer, defend or yield says the Tiger shark: to my sultry advances silently afoot in my unspoken stalking: you’re walking upon my path of greasy grass, Beloved.

    Just as each bear that apprehends our presence, so too, does every shark “see” our splashing, like owls in the night, clearly we race into their stiffening pulse as we approach, ever watchful of our heavy mammalian breaths in the watery cave.

    As they cross our path. I know, they have been stalking me.

    One bite

    I’m gone

    to watery grave


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