3 thoughts on “Maui Shark Attack!

  1. drudown

    Is there a statistician in the hizzo?

    From my perspective, having just been body surfing on the North Shore of Oahu the week before this happened- and I think someone on a kayak was roughed up by a Tiger shark as well during the week I was there- is it fair to say that Hawaii provides a sharp contrast to the purported “it is so, so rare to be attacked by a shark” if, of course, the sample was limited to people that actually go into the ocean long enough for an attack to even occur. Then study a further circumscribed group within that group, i.e., people that are actually coming into realistic contact with Tiger sharks. I wonder just how rare it really is?

    “Bueller, Bueller?”

  2. drudown

    Never, shark lover. I couldn’t and wouldn’t.

    Er, besides around Dyer Island. And Port St. John. And Stinson Beach. And, of course, Fish Hoek…


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