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Great White Shark Attack at Manhattan Beach, California!

Steven Robles, 40, was mauled by a seven-foot beast around 9.30 a.m. Saturday morning at Manhattan Beach, CA while it was snagged on a fishing line, it panicked and bit the swimmer while trying to wriggle free.

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Shark Bites Kayak off Pacifica — Man Safe

A shark chomped a kayaker’s boat off a Pacifica, CA beach on Tuesday, but the man escaped unharmed, police said.

The incident happened off Pacifica State Beach at 4:55 p.m. as the man was fishing, said Pacifica police Capt. Joe Spanheimer.

A shark swam up to the fisherman, “bit the kayak, then briefly circled around the craft before swimming away,” Spanheimer said.

The kayaker escaped injury and returned to shore.


Shark Attack Leaves Surfer With 14-inch Bite Wound!

A 25-year-old surfer is expected to recover after being bitten by a shark in Humboldt County, authorities said.

The surfer was bitten shortly before noon Tuesday while surfing the North Jetty near Eureka Municipal Airport, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department said.

The surfer suffered a 14-inch wound and other injuries. He was loaded into a pickup truck by other surfers and taken to a hospital, authorities said.

“The victim had an approximate 14 inch bite wound and other wounds on his body that required surgery,” the Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

The attack came after a 39-year-old surfer was killed last week after being bitten by an apparent great white shark while riding waves near Lompoc.


Shark Kills Surfer in California!

A 39-year-old experienced surfer died Tuesday after a shark attack at an Air Force base beach in California, following months of frequent shark sightings along the coast.
Francisco Javier Solorio Jr., of Orcutt, was bitten in his upper torso while he was surfing with a friend who witnessed the attack.
They were in the ocean off the coastal Vandenberg Air Force Base, on Surf Beach in Lompoc, the Santa Barbara County sheriff’s department said in a statement.

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Surfer Hospitalized After Cali Shark Attack!

A 27-year-old California surfer suffered multiple injuries after being attacked by a shark in Monterery County on Saturday.

The Monterey Herald reports Eric Tarantino was attacked about 7 a.m. Saturday while surfing with a friend at Marina State Beach.

The surfers had been in the water for about 10 minutes when the shark bit Tarantino on the neck and right forearm.

Tarantino’s friend, Brandon McKibben of Salinas, Calif., helped him out of the water, and other surfers rushed to apply a tourniquet by using beach towels to try to stop his bleeding, according to the newspaper.

Authorities say Tarantino was taken to a local airport by paramedics and flown to a San Jose hospital.


Shark Attack Victim’s Father Speaks Out

The father of a 19-year-old college student killed in a shark attack near Santa Barbara is opening up about his family’s tragic loss.

Luke Ransom, a graduate of Perris High School, was body boarding at Surf Beach on Friday when he was attacked.

Ransom was a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“He was a water boy,” said Ransom’s father, Matt. “Seemed almost fitting that the lord would take him that way because he loved the water.”

The teen’s father told Eyewitness News that his son had called home that morning just before going into the water.

“He was really excited,” Ransom said. “He said, ‘Mom, I can’t believe these waves.’ She was apprehensive because he’d never been to that beach before, and she just told him to be careful and give her a call when he was finished.”

But the call that came was not from their son, but rather his friend telling the family that their son had been attacked and killed by a shark.


More On Fatal California Shark Attack: Waves Turned Red

The bodyboarder killed by a shark at a Central California beach cried out to his friend for help as the shark flashed out of the water, bit into his leg and pulled him under in a tide of blood, the friend said Friday.

Matthew Garcia was surfing 2 feet from his friend, 19-year-old Lucas Ransom, when the shark attacked, he said. The whole incident lasted seconds.

“When the shark hit him, he just said, ‘Help me, dude!’ He knew what was going on,” Garcia told The Associated Press. “It was really fast. You just saw a red wave and this water is blue — as blue as it could ever be — and it was just red, the whole wave.”

As huge waves broke over his head, Garcia tried to find his friend in the surf but couldn’t. He decided to get help, but turned around again as he was swimming to shore and saw Ransom’s red bodyboard pop up. Garcia swam to his friend and did chest compressions as he brought him to shore.
Ransom already appeared dead and his leg was mauled, he said.

“He was just floating in the water. I flipped him over on his back and underhooked his arms. I was pressing on his chest and doing rescue breathing in the water,” Garcia said. “He was just kind of lifeless, just dead weight.”

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Shark Attacks And Kills Teen At California Beach!

A young man was attacked and killed by a shark while body boarding at a beach near Vandenberg Air Force Base. 19 year old Lucas McKaine Ransom, of Romoland in Riverside County, died after a shark pulled him off his “boogie board” about 100 yards from shore. Ranson suffered a massive wound to his left leg. The attack happened just before 9:00 a.m. A friend who was on a surf board brought the man to shore at Surf Beach but the victim bled to death.

An eyewitness at the scene said the victim “had his leg bitten off and lost too much blood.”And that the victim was pulled to shore by a friend, but efforts to stop the bleeding were unsuccessful.

Officials at Vandenberg have closed Surf, Wall, and Minuteman beaches as a result. The beaches will be closed for 72 hours. Officials are working to identify the type of shark which was described as being 14 to 20 feet in length.

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130 Swimmers Stung By Stingrays!

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Stingrays have stung about 130 people since Wednesday and most of them were at La Jolla Shores, lifeguards said.
Three people were hospitalized Wednesday. Lifeguards said that at one point, they were treating 11 or 12 people at the same time.

One woman even got stung twice!