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New App Lets You Track Sharks from your iPhone!

Expedition White Shark is the world’s very first app that allows anyone to track adult white sharks from a special satellite array orbiting the earth. The app will allow you to receive live tracking data for the tagged Great White sharks, at the same time as the research scientists.

Available for iPhone and iPad.

Mom Irate Over Shark Toy

An irate mother in New Zealand has bitten back at shops for selling a “shark ship” that encourages children to fire a plastic harpoon into the head of an oversized shark.

Louise Pearse saw the Mega Rig Shark Ship advertised in a catalogue delivered to her home over the weekend.

Mrs. Pearse believes the toy, made by Mattel, is simply a whaling ship in shark’s clothing.

“What are we going to get next? The Battered Seal Kit with realistic blood that squirts out when you hit it with a baseball bat?”

“It is disgusting and horrible because whaling is wrong,” Zoe said. “Having a shark there was not nice either and I can’t imagine who would want to play with it.”

The shark toy – made in China for children aged from four – apparently swims against the legislative current that saw the Government pass legislation last year to protect the threatened great white shark in New Zealand waters.

Forest and Bird spokeswoman Kirstie Knowles said the toy was “shameful” and went against a strong anti-whaling stance held by many in New Zealand.

Toyworld Megastore franchise owner Phillip Bramley said the mailer was put together in good faith and that they took the lady’s concerns seriously but need to dig into it more before commenting.


The Deepest Pool in the World

Well here’s one way I might be convinced to go scuba diving. Nemo 33 is a recreational diving center in Belgium that is home to the world’s deepest swimming pool. The pool has two large areas that are 16 ft and 32 ft deep, and a large circular pit that’s 108 ft deep. Filled with non-chlorinated, spring water maintained at 86°F, it’s also got several man-made underwater caves and some windows that allow outside visitors to watch.

nemo_1.jpg nemo_2.jpg nemo_3.jpg nemo_4.jpg nemo_5.jpg nemo_9.jpg pool_16.jpg pool_27.jpg nemo_6.jpg nemo_7.jpg
Thanks Jose!