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Woman Survives Shark Attack Off Maui!

A Southern California woman was recovering Thursday in a Maui hospital after being attacked by a shark.

Evonne Cashman, 56, of Cerritos, was snorkeling off a beach in Wailea when she suddenly felt something sharp and strong grab her, she said.

Evonne Cashman, 56, of Cerritos, survived a shark attack off Maui. “I must have had my hands up in front of my face. I think my head was above water, if I remember correctly,” Cahsman said. “I don’t know because it happened so fast. I didn’t see him coming. I didn’t see him leave,” she said.

The shark’s sharp teeth tore through her chin, her hands and her back.

“He just came and hit me hard and bit me hard,” Cashman said. “Then I just started swimming and swimming. I knew I needed to get help as fast as I could.”

The retired teacher finally reached other snorkelers, who pulled her to shore and put pressure on her wounds until an ambulance arrived. It was the second shark attack off Maui this week.

Apprently the shark was 25 ft!


Surfer Bitten By Shark in Hawaii!

An Oahu surfer is recovering from a shark bite. He was attacked at White Plains Beach, in Ewa Beach this afternoon. A friend who was with him at the time says the victim was bitten on the leg. They were about 100 feet from the shore when it happened.

“I just see a big tail that’s just as long as him. And it flips him over, goes in the water, and then for a little bit he’s under there. And he comes up and he looks at me and I look at him and we just turn around and we straight paddle straight for the shore,” remembers Paul Spencer.

The surfer was taken to the hospital in serious condition. Officials closed White Plains Beach and Nimitz Beach after the attack.


11 Shark Attacks in Hawaii This Year!

A shark bit a 60-year-old surfer off Kauai’s west shore Wednesday, raising the attack total for Hawaii to 11 this year, an exceptionally active period for the ocean predators.

The strike on the Kalaheo man also was the second in six days in Hawaii.

The 11 attacks so far this year equal the total of the four previous years combined, according to figures from the state Department of Land and Natural Resources’ Division of Aquatic Resources.


Hawaii Shark Attack!

A 28-year-old man was attacked by a shark at Leftovers, on Oahu’s North Shore on Tuesday.

“Around 20 (minutes) to 1 p.m. this afternoon, a surfer had sustained some minor lacerations to his foot from an approximately 10-foot shark,” John Hoogsteden, Lieutenant with City and County of Honolulu Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services told ESPN Surfing photographer, Willi Edwards.

Hoogsteden thought it might be a tiger shark, but added, “We’re not 100 percent certain of the type, but it was a larger shark.”

According to a story in the Honolulu Star Advertiserr, the surfer was Joshua Holley of Waialua.

“It came up and got him and let him go, then came up and got him a second time. He fought it off with his board and got a good look at it,” City and County of Honolulu Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services Operation Chief Jim Howe told the local paper.


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Sharks Are Hungry in Hawaii – 2 Attacks In 1 Week!

Hawaii County lifeguards re-opened two Kailua-Kona beaches Thursday after a morning flyover found no signs of a large shark in the area. Shark warning signs though will remain posted over the holiday weekend after two women were attacked this week.


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Maui Shark Attack!

A 15 year old Kihei teen was bitten by a shark while body boarding just outside Kahului Harbor Sunday. He was released from the Maui Memorial Medical Center after doctors stitched up wounds to his left leg and foot.

Professional surfer Kai Barger was surfing at the same spot with friends when the teen was attacked.

Barger and fellow surfer Tanner Hendrickson helped the teen to shore. Once they got there they used a leash from one of their boards as a tourniquet to slow the bleeding.

Paramedics tended to the unidentified boy was taken to the hospital for treatment.


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Andrew Wilson Attacked By Shark in Hawaii!

Andrew, 46, the older brother of actors Owen and Luke Wilson was bitten on the foot by a shark while surfing with friends in Hawaii earlier this month. The Whip It star was not seriously injured.

He had to get some stitches but was ok otherwise. Actually the paramedics who came said he was more at danger [because his friends] had tied a Blackberry cord around his ankle cutting off the circulation on his foot.