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Potomac River Shark!

A man caught an 8-foot bull shark in the Potomac River on Tuesday. Willy Dean put out a net Monday at Cornfield Harbor in the Potomac three miles north of Point Lookout with hopes of catching cow-nosed rays for a Solomons Island Marina biologist. When he checked Monday night everything seemed normal. But when he checked again Tuesday morning, there was the shark was in the net.

[source] [photo: Buzz’a Marina]

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Big Ol’ Shark Caught In Florida River!

Volusia County is known for it’s shark attacks not many swimmers would expect sharks to be lurking in the Intercoastal Waterway. Well, an image of a 10-foot-long, 400-pound bull shark was posted on the Florida Sportsman website. It’s labeled as being hooked in the New Smyrna Beach River on July 2. The shark was supposedly captured not far from where people swim. Careful out there!

[source] [video]

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VIDEO: Sand Tiger Shark Caught in Milford!

A 4.5 ft sand tiger shark was caught just 100 yards off the Milford shore in Long Island Sound. The two men who caught the shark would not give away their secret fishing spot because they don’t want to scare off beachgoers. Still, I wonder if the shark’s mother is out there looking for the pup. A full grown sand tiger shark can get up to 13 feet long and weigh up to 250 pounds. Just sayin’.


One Ton Shark Caught Near Shark Attack Beach

A one ton shark was caught on February 4, near the beach where ten people were recently attacked in Quy Nhon city, the central province of Binh Dinh, Vietnam.

The fisherman said the 16 ft shark is the largest shark he has ever caught . He has already been offered over 30 million dong (over $1,500) for the fins but the fisherman hasn’t agreed to the deal yet. The shark will be kept fresh in sea water until he decides what to do with it.

Experts from the Nha Trang Institute for Oceanography met the fisherman, but in order to test the shark to determine the species and find out whether it is responsible for recent attacks, the institute would have to pay Dang 40 million dong ($2400).

The institute’s representative said that they hoped the shark could be displayed at the Nha Trang Institute for Oceanography following research.

In mid-January, a number of people were hospitalized with serious injuries. The Nha Trang Institute for Oceanography confirmed that these injuries caused by a shark but they couldn’t specify the species.

Quy Nhon authorities offered a prize of 10 million dong in cash for anybody who catches the share and set up a team of shark hunters. This is the first shark netted since that day.


Big Ol’ Hammerhead Caught in Florida

Beaches were closed for a third day on Singer Island due to tons of sharks cruising the area. Meanwhile, two fisherman reeled in a nearly 10 foot hammerhead at the north end of Ocean Reef Park. The fisherman released the predator back into the waters alive, after snapping a few pictures.

One more reason to stay on the sand.


Bull Shark Caught 9 Miles Inland!

James Saunders, 22, caught this 9 ft bull shark under a bridge on December 27… more than 9 miles inland!

For those people unfamiliar with the area, Eenie Creek Bridge is more than 9 miles from the mouth of the Noosa River in Queensland, Australia.

And it is not a wide creek at that point, only about 15 ft wide and 9 ft deep.

To get so far inland the shark had to swim across the Noosa bar, past the Noosa River caravan park, up Weyba Creek to Lake Weyba, then into Eenie Creek.

I wouldn’t go tubin’ in there if I were you.


Fisherman Catches Shark From Kayak!

A fisherman got quite a fright when the snapper he thought he had on the end of his line turned out to be an 8 ft shark.

What’s even more scary is that the guy was fishing from his kayak.

Paul Spathopoulos was sure he had hooked a snapper, but 20 minutes into the battle the fish leapt out of the water and Spathopoulos realized he was fighting a thresher shark.

About 1.5 hours later, Spathopoulos finally won.