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Oregon Shark Attack!

A female surfer was attacked by a shark Tuesday on the Oregon coast near Seaside, witnesses said.

The Seaside Signal reported the woman was attacked while she was surfing in “the cove,” a popular surfing spot. Other surfers who heard her struggling in the water helped her to shore.

“There was a big splash. I saw that. And then the stand-up paddler paddled over and got her on his board,” said witness Johnny Rodgers. “They paddled north a ways and then they came in where they could be washed in.”

The woman, who has not been identified, was taken to Providence Hospital in Seaside with a bite to the leg. She was later taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland.

“She has some injuries to her lower leg. A couple of puncture marks,” said Captain Joey Daniels with Seaside Fire and Rescue.

Her condition is unclear. Her surfboard also had puncture marks on it.

“I saw the board. There’s a chunk out of it and there’s a little blood on the board,” said witness Scott Earling.

“Something definitely took a chunk out of that board.”

Seaside Fire Chief Dale Kamrath told KATU News they have not confirmed the woman was bitten by a shark.


Unprovoked Shark Attack In Oregon!

On September 27, 2010 David Lowden, was attacked by a Great White Shark, while surfing with Mark Lorincz, and Justin Martin at the South Jetty of the Umpqua River in Winchester Bay, Oregon.

Lowden reported;

“Surf conditions were good with a large swell, light winds, and good interval. Water temperature was much higher than normal, around 56 – 58 Fahrenheit. High tide was at 2:15 PM that day and the peak we were surfing was further out than normal due to the size of the swell. After surfing for about 45 minutes, and catching only two waves, the current pushed me towards the outside and wide of the peak that was breaking about 30 feet South of the jetty. I paddled hard to fight the current and regain position in the peak. During this effort I was struck from underneath by the unmistakable force of a shark, due to past experience being bumped by a Great White in September of 2006 at the same location. I knew right away from the hardness of the object that it was a shark. The shark was at full attack speed nailing the tail of my board ejecting me forward as the shark breached the surface of the water with most of its body. I got a pretty good look at the overall presence but it happened so fast I wasn’t able to pick out details. The shark turned on its side as it headed back down, thrashing its tail a couple times before disappearing somewhere underneath or behind me. Frantic, I pulled my board back toward me by the leash. I then began to paddle as fast as I could toward the jetty which seemed much closer than the beach. Luckily, during the encounter I had been pushed inside and toward the peak enough to grab the first wave in that came moments later. After regrouping on the beach, the other two surfers were able to fill in the blanks as to what really happened as both saw the entire incident take place. We came to the conclusion it was a Great White between 11 and 14 feet in length. I believe that it either miscalculated the attack or aborted at the last second clipping the tail of my board, striking the fins first which I think must have given it a bit of a shock and caused it to thrash about after the initial contact. My board sustained minimal damage considering, losing a fin and crushing a fin box and creasing the tail. No injuries occurred.”

This is the fifth authenticated unprovoked shark attack from the Pacific Coast of North America for this year and the first for Oregon.


Man Cited For Unlawful Possession… Of A Shark

A Warren man who pulled up a 12-foot Great White Shark with his crab pot last August has been cited for unlawful possession.

Jason W. Robinson, 32, was issued a non-criminal citation by Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife division for the Aug. 8 incident at Depoe Bay. He is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 8.

A trooper on duty had heard about the shark catch that day and contacted the boat’s occupants. He saw the shark had already been gutted, which Robinson said was to prepare it for eating.

“Our investigation indicated there was no obvious self-initiated attempt by Mr. Robinson to contact any authorities after he caught the shark before bringing it to the port. If our trooper wasn’t at the right place at the right time then we believe he would have unlawfully kept the shark for his own personal interests,” said Captain Walt Markee, director of the Fish & Wildlife division.

Oregon regulations prohibit the possession of Great White Sharks and Basking Sharks, and require that the sharks be immediately released unharmed.


Shark Warnings In Oregon!

Seaside police officers drove up and down the beach Sunday using loudspeakers to warn people that sharks had been sighted.

On Saturday night a lifeguard came across a porpoise that had been chowed down on, then on Sunday lifeguards saw a dorsal fin.

They didn’t close the beach but still wanted to warn people.

Officials at the Seaside aquarium said that warm ocean water has moved closer to the shore, bringing in seals and porpoises, which then attract the sharks, believed to be great whites.


Another Shark Found on Oregon Beach

According to, a four-foot salmon shark is the fourth one to show up on the north coast in the last six weeks.

The shark was found on Cannon Beach and was covered in some strange parasites. It was transported to the Seaside Aquarium at around 10am Wednesday but despite efforts to keep it alive, the shark was dead by 11:30.

The number of salmon sharks showing up on the Oregon coast may be increasing. In 2007 more than 20 sharks washed up on the north and central coast.

Supposedly, salmon sharks aren’t aggressive towards humans, but those teeth tell me otherwise.