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More Squid: Vancouver Island Swimmers Warned

Dozens of Humboldt squid have washed up on Tofino, B.C., beaches, where an environmental group is warning people to stay away from the creatures during feeding frenzies.

Josie Osborne of the Raincoast Education Society said she counted 27 squid in the area on Friday afternoon, according to a report on the news website

Osborne said some were seen chasing prey near the shore of Chesterman Beach.

“If I was a surfer and I saw a whole pack of squid that was feeding I’d definitely move out of the area,” she said of the squid, some of which were a metre long.

Squid are known to attack scuba divers during feeding frenzies in Mexico and California, Osborne said in the report.


Monster Squid Caught In Gulf of Mexico!

A rare giant squid was captured in the Gulf of Mexico for the first time in decades.

The giant squid was caught by scientists July 30 off the Louisiana coast in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s the first one identified in the Gulf of Mexico since 1954 but scientists figure there are a lot more out there. The creature’s capture was just announced Sept. 21.

The 19.5-foot-long, 103-pound squid was caught at depth of more than 1,500 feet in a special trawl net as part of a research cruise funded by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Minerals Management Service (MMS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Wonder what else is down there.


Squid Roughs Up San Diego Diver

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Ever since the squid started washing up on San Diego beaches over the past week, scuba divers have been heading out to get a closer look. But Shanda Magill got a much closer look than she wanted. She went for a night dive on Sunday and got ambushed by a Humboldt squid. It grabbed her hose and pulled her down. Yikes.

Biologists said they’re seeing more of these off Southern California in recent years like the ones that washed up on La Jolla beaches Saturday while spectators tried to save them. They say the scuba divers should be more cautious.


Alien-like Squid Caught on Film!

This crazy looking creature was caught on film a mile and a half below the surface by a remote control submersible’s camera. Behold, the Magnapinna squid!

In the video recently obtained by National Geographic News, one of these rarely seen squid flaps its wings in the Gulf of Mexico back in November, 2007.

[full story + video]

Squid Invade Oregon Coast!

Dozens of Humboldt squid have been washing up on the north Oregon coast this past week.

On Thursday, crews from the Seaside Aquarium counted about 15 of them scattered along the beach and even more have shown up since.

Humboldt squid usually reside in the warmer waters off of the California coast but warm water currents probably attracted these guys up north.

Back in 2004, hundreds of Humboldt squid washed ashore on the Oregon coast.


Time to Defrost the Giant Squid

The largest complete adult colossal squid ever caught is to be thawed and examined at Te Papa this week.

Final preparations for the project have been completed and thawing of the squid, which was caught by a fishing vessel in the Ross Sea in 2003, begins today.

The dissection is being broadcast live on Te Papa’s website and will also be filmed by Natural History New Zealand for a Discovery Channel documentary.

Once defrosted, the scientists will examine the squid’s general anatomical features, take measurements, remove the stomach (and its contents), beak and other mouthparts; and determine its sex.

I wonder if they’ll be serving calamari after?


Paris Gets First “Plastinated” Sea Creature

France’s National Museum of Natural History unveiled the world’s first “plastinated” squid on Tuesday. The 21 foot monster was donated by New Zealand and named in honour of a creature featuring in Maori legend.

Plastination is done by replacing the animal’s water, fat and other liquids with a polymer that hardens. This way, the squid to be viewed in a dry, solid state, rather than in a jar filled with formalin or alcohol.

The squid was hauled up in January 2000 at a depth of 2,000 feet by fishermen off New Zealand.

They should send some of this plastination stuff to Damien Hirst.


Giant Squid Caught off Florida Keys

juvi squid
A juvenile giant squid was found off the Florida Keys last week by North Fort Myers resident David Stout. The squid was transported to Mote Marine Laboratory for research purposes. The squid was fully intact and over 6 feet long including it’s tentacles.

juvi squid 1 juvi squid 2 juvi squid 3 juvi squid 4