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Walking Catfish?!

So about 30 fish were spotted “walking” through a Florida neighborhood on Tuesday.

The walking catfish were spotted in the road near a Pinellas Park subdivision. The fish used their pectoral fins to walk or shuffle around the streets.

Apparently the catfish can travel on land as long as they stay moist. Hmmm… can sharks do this??

[source + video]

Two-Headed Shark Caught!

two-headed shark
The body of a rare two-headed baby shark was brought to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa after being caught in the Atlantic Ocean.

The oddity is being kept in a jar of alcohol at the aquarium.

Head of education at the aquarium, Russell Stevens, said the little shark was brought in early last month by a fisherman who said it was caught from their Japanese tuna boat.

Stevens said he had never seen anything like it before.

“It just goes to remind one that there are a lot of things we don’t know about in our seas,” Stevens said.

“Because it’s a rare situation, we haven’t been able to establish the chances of its survival if it had been alive.” Stevens said they had been unable to definitely identify the shark’s species, but thought it could have been a Blue Shark. He added it was one of the 700 ocean species that get killed every year by longline boats.

A photograph of the shark, taken by the fisherman shortly after it was caught, showed that its umbilical cord was still intact.

Aquarium staff said this led them to believe the fishermen might have taken it out of the mother shark after killing it.

Two heads means two set of teeth, right?


Freaky Fish Found… and Not Near the Ocean

Look what was found 50 miles inland near Frenchtown, PA. No one’s really sure how it got there but they do know what it is. It’s a saltwater Wolf eel. They’re usually found in deep waters off the North Atlantic coast, and apparently, they’re quite tasty.


Worm-Like Creature Baffles Scientists!

Underwater videographer Jay Garbose discovered a strange worm-like creature while on a dive on Juno Ledge, near Juno Beach, Fla. When Garbose first saw the giant worm he thought it could be a sea cucumber. That was until he realized it was 7 to 10 feet long!

Scientists who have seen the video have no idea what it is.

worm21.png worm31.png

Video here.


No Escape For This Guy

Michael Anthony Patrick, a 55-year-old street performer, was charged with negligence Wednesday after his act prompted a massive harbor search. Authorities said the longtime Key West performer regularly escapes from a straitjacket in his act at the nightly “Sunset Celebration” here. Tuesday, though, he jumped into Key West Harbor and disappeared, police said. The stunt prompted police and fire department dive teams to scour the bottom of the bay. Detectives discovered Wednesday he was still alive.

Patrick was in custody and was being held on $50,000 bail. Police estimated the search cost about $25,000. He said he would reveal the secret of his stunt to the public, but not to the law.


Mystery Fish Attacking Bathers!!

Bathers off Jebel Ali have reported a series of agonising attacks that have left marine experts scratching their heads. So far, four attacks by the mystery creature have been reported. All the victims suffered profuse bleeding and severe pain lasting up to eight hours. The bathers speculated it might have been a stingray, but marine experts say it could be a red herring. Whatever it is, it’s got spines and a venom gland…


What Is That?

A mysterious gelatinous ball has puzzled and fascinated researchers after undersea photographer Rudolf Svensen spotted it while diving at the mouth of the Matre fjord in Hordaland, Norway. Rudolf and his brother Erling were diving when he spotted what looked like a 25″ transparent beach ball with a strange red cord in the middle. The Svensens contacted a professor at the University of Bergen to try and solve the mystery. Turns out the mystery ball was a large squid egg sack.


It Went Into His What?

Wal-Mart is being sued over a divestick incident. Apparently, some kid slid into a pool and landed right on one and it went into his rectum! The family is suing for millions but Wal-Mart argues that the dive sticks were safe, but that the family misused them.